Asmongold confirms his plans for returning to Twitch & YouTube

Asmongold talks about his mother's death and Twitch YouTube returnYouTube: Asmongold TV

Asmongold has confirmed when, and in what capacity, he will be returning to Twitch and YouTube, following his mother’s passing. 

During the week beginning October 25, Asmongold announced that his mother had passed away. The streamer had been incredibly open about his mom’s ongoing struggle with COPD, even revealing that he had saved her after a fire started in their family home.

An outpouring of support greeted the announcement, with Final Fantasy XIV: Online players choosing to hold vigils and erect monuments all across Eorzea in tribute to her passing.

Having been understandably silent for the past week or so, the streamer has made a brief return to YouTube to discuss the situation, and answer the question on everyone’s lips: when will he be back on Twitch?

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Asmongold and his motherTwitter: Asmongold
Asmongold’s mom passed away in late October after a string of health issues.

Asmongold confirms streaming return

In an emotional November 4 video entitled “About my mom.” the streamer has announced that he will be returning to streaming, but the process is likely to be a slow one.

“For like, what am I going to do now? What’s going to happen now?” he asks. “I don’t know when I’ll be back to streaming on my main channel, I have no idea. I really don’t.”

Noting that several administrative issues still need to be resolved behind the scenes, he admits “I can’t really say when, however I would like to come on my alt stream [Zackrawrr] and just kind of give my f**king opinon about things; talk about stuff I’m reading online that I have to give my two cents for. It’s either I talk to the camera or I sit in front of a mirror and I almost have the conversation with myself.

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“I do want to continue making maybe YouTube content that I do on my second stream maybe a couple of times a week,” he tells fans to “keep up with my Twitter and I’ll let you guys know what’s going to happen.”

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As Asmongold’s fanbase and fellow Twitch stars continue to urge the streamer to take all of the time he needs to recover, it’s clear that he’ll be welcomed with the open arms of his community when he does return to streaming.

He’s also said that he promises to be “less of an asshole” when he does make his return.

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