Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete The Port of Many Worlds & access Eternity Isle

Noelle Corbett
Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley players with the A Rift in Time expansion must complete a quest before they can unlock the new world and all of its content. Here’s how to finish The Port of Many Worlds to gain access to Eternity Isle.

With the new A Rift in Time expansion, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will be able to explore the new land of Eternity Isle and meet characters like Eve, Rapunzel, and Gaston.

Upon starting A Rift in Time’s content, you’ll still need to complete a quick quest before you can gain access to Eternity Isle.

Here’s how to complete The Port of Many Worlds quest.

Talk to Merlin

Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin

After your initial conversation with Jafar, you’ll need to talk to Merlin. The old wizard has remembered something important about accessing different worlds beyond the Valley itself.

Merlin will ask you to meet him at the Dream Castle after a brief talk. Note that Merlin won’t automatically walk towards the Castle, but he’ll be there whenever you arrive.

Go to the Dream Castle

Stardust Port in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve reached the Dream Castle, you’ll need to speak to Merlin again.

It’s not immediately obvious where he is, so go up the stairs on the left side. You’ll see him near a black gate and some gated-off doors (presumably leading to future Realms).

Interacting with him leads to a cutscene in which you two will enter the gate. This leads to the Stardust Port, a new area that connects Dreamlight Valley to other worlds like Eternity Isle.

There are plenty of docks here, but as A Rift in Time is the first expansion, there’s only one that’ll bring you anywhere. Interacting with the boat will bring you to Eternity Isle, allowing you to experience all the DLC has to offer.

That’s all you need to know about completing The Port of Many Worlds. While heading into the new content, take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and content:

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