Disney Dreamlight Valley codes: Free rewards in November 2023

A character in Disney Dreamlight Valley standing in the PlazaDisney / Gameloft

One of the best things about Disney Dreamlight Valley is its free rewards thanks to some handy codes. So, here are all the currently active codes you can grab for November 2023.

During your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll find tons of different ways to earn Star Coins, free Moonstones, and even some handy rewards thanks to the regular updates and DreamSnaps competitions. While they’re fun to complete, there’s nothing nicer than being able to receive items by simply copying and pasting a code.

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So, with that being said, are there any codes to redeem in Disney Dreamlight Valley? And how do you claim them? Find out all the current Disney Dreamlight Valley codes, as well as how to redeem them for November right here.

Updated November 27, 2023. No new codes were added and none expired.


The Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley with Mother Gothel and PuaDisney / Gameloft
While earning Star Coins by pumpkin farming or making soufflés can be lucrative, can codes be redeemed in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Are there any Disney Dreamlight Valley codes? (November 2023)

As of November 27, 2023, there are 13 available codes.

Make sure to bookmark this page and return regularly, as we’ll update you quicker than you can say “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” if and when more codes become available.

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Redemption CodeRewards
DDVHEADBANDMinnie Mouse ears
DDVBALLOONBalloon Arch, Balloon Clusters gift bundle
DDVBPACKCelebration Backpack
HALLOWEENBUNDLEPlayful Pumpkin Scarecrow, Small Pumpkin Collection x2, Large Pumpkin Collection x2, Heavy Iron Cauldron
PRIDE20231Gleam Tee
PRIDE20232Illuminate Tee
PRIDE20233Shine Tee
PRIDE20234Shimmer Tee
PRIDE20235Glow Tee
PRIDE20236Radiate Tee
PRIDE20237Bright Tee
PRIDE20238Dazzle Tee
PIXLAir Hockey Table, Game Machine, Coin-op Game
The Help menu screen with the redemption codes box in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft
Hop on over to the ‘Help’ menu under ‘Settings’ to locate the box used for redeeming any codes that may appear in the future.

Expired Disney Dreamlight Valley codes

Expired CodeRewards
AUTUMNBUNDLEPampas Grass Jug x2, Bountiful Marigold Basket x2, Autumn Harvest Pennants, Autumn Wreath
FOFCATCHDAYFive Kingfish, five Fugu, and five Anglerfish
FOFCRAFTYKITFive pieces of Clay, five Fabric, and five Cotton
FOFSURPRISEKIT15 Snowballs, 15 Hardwood, and 15 Glass
FOFTROPHY150 Moonstones
FOFSOUVENIRFive Gold Ingots, five Iron Ingots, and five Tinkering Parts
FOFSUCCESSEight pumpkins
FOFLOGEMSThree Diamonds, three Rubies, and three Sapphires
FOFLOSHARDFive Dream Shards and five Night Shards
FOFGLITTER150 Moonstones
CENTENNIALMelting Platinum Minnie Ears, 15 Iron Ingots
OCEANVIEWLight Blue Ice Cream Stand, Minimalist Surfboards, Lightning Strike Wagon

How to redeem codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With one code to claim at the time of writing, below you’ll find the lowdown on where you’ll need to look to redeem the codes that Gameloft provides us with. The screenshot above shows the menu that you’ll need to look out for, but check the list of steps below so you can find it in a flash:

  • Bring up the ‘Settings‘ menu by pressing the following button of your platform of choice:
    • PC: ‘Esc’
    • Nintendo Switch: ‘+’
    • Xbox or PlayStation: ‘Start’
  • On the left-hand side, you’ll see the ‘Help‘ submenu — navigate to that
  • Once there, you’ll see a box that says ‘Redemption code‘, and it’s here that you’ll need to enter your codes

So, there you have it — that’s everything there is to know about Disney Dreamlight redemption codes for November 2023.

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