How to unlock Oswald in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Noelle Corbett

Oswald has arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but unlocking him is far from simple. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest update, Thrills & Frills, adds tons of new content, characters, recipes, and even Act 2 of the Expansion Pass. Those with the DLC can now add Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to their games as part of A Rift in Time’s The Spark of Imagination storyline.

However, unlocking Oswald can be a challenge, as the game doesn’t immediately give you hints. You’ll also need to complete quite a few quests before you can talk to him or build his home. Here’s how to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

How to complete The Sunken Ruins quest

1. Talk to Merlin

First, be sure you’ve completed Eternity Isle’s story up to this point, which means unlocking the DLC characters and completing the Cave of Wonders’ puzzles.

To unlock Oswald, you’ll first need to complete Merlin’s The Sunken Ruins quest. The first step of this involves Merlin doing some research, so as far as we can tell, players will need to wait a bit to start the quest. For me, the new task “Meet with Merlin in his Library” triggered while I was exploring Eternity Isle, but I suspect this has more to do with giving Merlin time rather than where you are.

Once Merlin is ready to talk, go visit him at his home. Here, Merlin will give you instructions for the next step.

2. Find Flickers

Next, you’ll need to find several mysterious new objects called Flickers, said to be parts of the Spark of Imagination’s magic. You can do this by using your Hourglass in the following places:

  • 3 in the Moana, Ratatouille, or WALL-E Realms
  • 4 in the Plaza
  • 4 around The Docks on Eternity Isle

Note that while Merlin mentions Flickers appearing “where Villagers first arrive from Realms” and “in a similar place” on Eternity Isle, they can be found anywhere in the Plaza and The Docks.

As for the Realms, I found all 3 of my Flickers in the Moana Realm, so you should be able to get them in one trip.

Once you’ve found all 10 Flickers, return to Merlin for the next step.

3. Explore the Ancient Ruins with Merlin

Once you speak to Merlin, he’ll ask you to return to Eternity Isle with him and immediately head to the Ancient Ruins. This is the big structure on the far west side of the Docks, but if you aren’t sure where to go, just follow Merlin.

With the help of the Hourglass and the Flickers, you’ll create a new bridge so you can finally enter the Ancient Ruins. Inside, you’ll need to talk to Merlin again. He’ll reveal that there’s a trap door in the Ruins that you’ll need to open by exploring the other chambers.

Next, take pictures in the North, West, and East chambers and return to Merlin. He’ll explain that each chamber corresponds with one of the existing Eternity Isle Villagers: EVE, Gaston, and Rapunzel.

This completes The Sunken Ruins quest and unlocks four more:

  • A Bit of Help From Your Friends – Merlin
  • All the Right Notes – Rapunzel
  • Hero Pose – Gaston
  • Does Not Compute – EVE

Note that A Bit of Help From Your Friends requires you to complete the other three quests. These next three steps can be completed in any order, though we recommend starting with Rapunzel’s All the Right Notes as it requires you to wait for some crops to grow.

Just speak to the character in question to unlock the next part of their respective quest.

How to complete the All the Right Notes quest

1. Help Rapunzel heal her sore throat

When you talk to Rapunzel, she’ll reveal that she wants to help out but has been suffering from a sore throat.

You’ll need to help her out by finding Mother Gothel’s Recipe in Rapunzel’s Tower; the recipe is located between the bed and wardrobe. Read it in your inventory, then return to Rapunzel.

The recipe involves some kind of purple herb, so you’ll need to head to the Promenade to dig up 2 Purple Seeds. Keep an eye out for glowing dig spots with little purple objects covered in vines.

After that, you’ll need to plant and water the seeds, then wait 20 minutes to harvest them. Once you have Mother Gothel’s Herbs, you’ll have to make the following:

Mother Gothel’s Soup

  • Mother Gothel’s Herbs
  • Turnip
  • Paprika
  • Yam
  • Majestea

Turnip and Yams need to be harvested from seeds that can be purchased on Eternity Isle. Check out our guide on Dreamlight Valley’s crops for more details.

Paprika and Majestea can be foraged from the Glittering Dunes and Ancient’s Landing, respectively.

Mother Gothel’s Tea

  • Mother Gothel’s Herbs
  • Agave
  • Majestea

Agave can be foraged from the Glittering Dunes.

2. Wait for Rapunzel to feel better

After you bring Rapunzel the soup and tea, she’ll need some time before she’s ready to sing. Wait 5 minutes, then return to Rapunzel.

Fortunately, the cure works, and Rapunzel is feeling well enough to sing! Speak to her to finish the All the Right Notes quest.

How to complete the Hero Pose quest

1. Make Gaston breakfast

Before Gaston will help you out, you’ll need to feed him a peculiar breakfast. He’ll give you the recipe for a Golden Omelette made from the following:

  • Golden Eggs
  • Gemstone Cheese
  • Aged Venison
  • Golden Milk
  • Golden Pepper

You’ll find these inside the Cave of Wonders, the big area with the tiger head entrance in the northeast part of the Wastes. Once there, look for piles of gold and dig them up to get the ingredients.

With all those in tow, head to any cooking station to make the Golden Omelette, then bring it to Gaston.

2. Craft a Shiny LeFou

After he’s eaten, Gaston will get the idea to make a Shiny LeFou, which you’ll need to make before he’ll pose on the platform for you. This requires the following:

  • 5 Bronze Ingot
  • 3 Jade
  • 1 Bumblestone
  • 1 Alexandrite
  • 1 Spinel
  • Paints from Rapunzel’s Tower

Bronze Ingot is crafted from 4 Copper, 1 Tin, and 1 Coal.

The Gems required are all found on Eternity Isle, so check out our guide on Gem locations for where to find each.

You’ll find Paints in Rapunzel’s Tower in a corner next to the easel.

Once you’ve delivered the Shiny LeFou to Gaston, he’ll be ready to help you out, completing the Hero Pose quest.

How to complete the Does Not Compute quest

Speaking to EVE reveals she can’t currently communicate with the ancient technology you found in the Ruins, but she does have an idea. Take a look at the treasure map she gives you, which reveals five places where you’ll need to use your tools to find ancient artifacts.

  • Ancient Slate: Fish in an orange spot in the lower part of The Overlook
  • Ancient Dictionary: Use the Pickaxe on a big rock in Gaston’s camp
  • Ancient Processor Blueprint: Use the Hourglass in the area of The Docks under the waterfall
  • Ancient Processor Crystal: Use the Shovel on a glowing spot in the area east of the Courtyard
  • Ancient Power Sphere: Use the Shovel on a glowing spot on the floating island east of the Grove

Once you have everything you need, go to a Timebending Table to repair the Ancient Processor. In addition to the five items obtained through the previous task, you’ll need the following:

  • 3 Ancient Gears
  • 3 Ancient Plates
  • 3 Ancient Magnets

You can obtain all these Timebending Parts by using your Hourglass anywhere.

After you bring the Ancient Processor to EVE, you’ll need to take some pictures of items in EVE’s house:

  • The coffee table
  • The lightbulbs by the door
  • The ceiling lamp

Then, you’ll need to craft the Universal Adapter with the following:

Oasis Glass can be found by digging in the Glittering Dunes or breaking Stalagmites with an upgraded Pickaxe.

Plastic Scrap can be found when Fishing on Eternity Isle or by digging up Small and Large Rubble.

Copper can be mined anywhere on Eternity Isle.

Mechanical Parts can be made at a Crafting Station using 1 Brass Ingot and 1 Bronze Ingot.

Brass Ingot can be made at a Crafting Station using 3 Copper, 2 Zinc, and 3 Coal.

With all these, you can craft the Universal Adapter and bring it to EVE to complete the Does Not Compute quest.

How to complete A Bit of Help From Your Friends

1. Help EVE

Once everyone is ready, return to the Ancient Ruins. Inside, you’ll need to speak to EVE, Gaston, and Rapunzel to send them to their respective chambers.

Next, speak to EVE, who’ll alert you that the Ancient Console has no power. To restore it, find the three Ancient Power Coils and bring them to the Power Sockets on the wall. All are stuck in rocks, so use your Pickaxe to free them from the following locations:

  • In the same room as EVE on the opposite side of the Power Sockets
  • Just outside EVE’s chamber
  • Opposite EVE’s chamber in the water just past Merlin.

Finally, step on the pressure plate behind where EVE is waiting to restore power.

2. Help Rapunzel and Gaston

Once you’ve helped EVE, you can choose whether to speak to Rapunzel or Gaston first.

When you talk to Gaston, he’ll point out that there’s rubble covering the pedestal and will upgrade your Pickaxe so you can clear it. Gaston will then move to the pedestal, but that’s not enough to make it work.

Gaston will point out two more pressure plates covered by rubble and give you the sidekick you made him during Hero Pose. Clear these, place Shiny LeFou on one, and stand on the other yourself.

When you talk to Rapunzel, she reveals that the three musical notes must be moved to form the correct melody. However, you’ll need to find a clue to figure out what that melody is. Clear the rubble left of the puzzle to reveal a note that shows you where the music notes need to be.

Once you have the melody, interact with the pedestals to move the notes up the staff until they look like the picture. Then, stand on the pressure plate near where you found the note.

Once you’ve helped all three of your companions, stand on the last pressure plate to open the trap door to finish A Bit of Help From Your Friends.

How to complete The Spark of Imagination quest

1. Help Oswald reach the Spark of Imagination

After some cutscenes, you’ll finally be able to meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! However, you’ll need to complete another quest to find the Spark of Imagination and help him leave the Ruins.

Clear the rubble left of Oswald to find the Emerald Sliver, then place it in the console with the missing lever.

On the next platform, you’ll find a big wheel to rotate the bridge, but you’ll have to fix it first by crafting the Question Mark Wheel at a nearly Timebending Table. Oswald gives you the Question Mark, and you’ll need to collect 3 Flying Gears that are moving around the area. These 2D black-and-white gears stand out, so keep an eye out around Oswald and up the stairs where you entered.

After crafting the Question Mark and rotating the bridge, follow Oswald to the next platform. This one also has a broken wheel, so repeat what you did last time. The recipe for the Question Mark Wheel is the same, but remember to use the one you fixed earlier to get the Flying Gears and reach the Timebending Table. This time, rather than directly giving you the Question Mark, you’ll find it right next to Oswald.

Fix this next wheel, and turn the bridge. On the next platform, clear the rubble to find Oswald’s Horn, then place it on the pedestal near where Oswald is waiting. The noise causes Oswald to drop the Exclamation Mark, which can be combined with the broken console to serve as a lever.

Doing this creates a new bridge, so rotate the platform and climb the stairs to reach the Spark of Imagination. After a cutscene, you’ll enter a conversation with Merlin, who will ask you to hand over the Spark. However, once you do, it’s revealed he’s actually Jafar in disguise!

Exiting the Ancient Ruins leads to another cutscene and opens up more quests.

How to complete the Oswald’s Many Dimensions quest

1. Dress up like Oswald

Eternity Isle will look a little different in the aftermath, but if you want to unlock Oswald as a Villager, you’ll want to complete a Friendship Quest called Oswald’s Many Dimensions before dealing with that.

Oswald will now be wandering Eternity Isle, so talk to him. Oswald seems to think dressing up like him will help you communicate, so change into the following:

  • Oswaldian Black and White Fedora
  • A black shirt
  • White pants

Speak to Oswald again once you’ve changed. He’ll approve of your outfit but has some more activities in mind.

2. Gather flowers

Next, you’ll need to collect 8 black or white flowers for Oswald. Since these aren’t the most common flower colors, you’ll have to look around a bit. The following flowers will work for this quest:

  • Black Glass-Like Flowers
  • Black Passion Lily
  • White Bell Flower
  • White Bird of Paradise
  • White Cactus Flower
  • White Daisy
  • White Impatiens
  • White Marsh Milkweed
  • White Passion Lily
  • White & Pink Falling Penstemon
  • White & Red Hydrangea

Be sure to check out our guide on Dreamlight Valley’s flowers for more details on where to find these.

Unfortunately, bringing the flowers to Oswald makes clear there’s a communication barrier between you two.

3. Break down the communication barrier

Follow Oswald or find him in the room under the waterfall by The Docks.

The Lucky Rabbit has a very literal idea for breaking the communication barrier, so use your Pickaxe to break through it. When you talk to Oswald again, you’ll notice his text box has changed, and you can now understand each other.

4. Build Oswald’s House

Finally, it’s time to build Oswald’s House. However, rather than being handed a building to place in your Valley or on the Isle, you’ll need to do some more work.

Head to a Crafting Station and make the Oswaldian Pencil from the following:

  • 15 Tropical Wood
  • 10 Coal
  • 1 Amber

Tropical Wood can be found in The Grasslands, and Amber can be found by digging around the Wild Tangle.

Once you’ve made that, you’ll need to equip the Oswaldian Pencil by going to the Wardrobe. The game doesn’t tell you, but the pencil is considered an accessory.

Speak to Oswald again, and you’ll be able to place Oswald’s House wherever you want. Unfortunately, when you talk to him, he’ll point out something is missing: the third dimension.

The obvious solution, at least where cartoon logic is concerned, is to get 3D Glasses. Head to Scrooge’s Shop and talk to Mr. McDuck to buy them for 1,050 Coins. Then, put on the glasses and head back to Oswald’s House. Now, you’ll be able to interact with a sign to build the house, unlocking Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as a Villager!

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