Scump claims leaked Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode could “save CoD” by following Escape From Tarkov

Brad Norton
Scump next to Modern Warfare 2 gameplay

Call of Duty icon Seth ‘Scump’ Abner believes the leaked Escape From Tarkov-style mode known as ‘DMZ’ for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 launch, could help “save” the franchise.

As the cycle begins anew for another year, hype is quickly starting to build ahead of the CoD 2022 reveal. While we know for certain that Modern Warfare 2 is just months away, no concrete details have been made official just yet.

That hasn’t stopped a wide range of alleged intel from slipping through the cracks, however. From returning maps to early campaign tidbits, we’ve seemingly heard a great deal already. 

Perhaps capturing attention more than anything else though, are reports of a new Escape From Tarkov-inspired game mode. Referred to as DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), leaks suggest this ambitious project will present a unique experience with exclusive features never before seen in the CoD franchise. 

If these reports hold true and MW2 does indeed launch with an EFT style mode, it might just “save” the series, according to Scump.

CoD Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 is quickly coming into focus after lackluster CoD Vanguard sales.

Reportedly taking heavy inspiration from EFT and games of that ilk, DMZ appears to be a “more tactical” offering, according to prominent leakers. What equipment and loot you take with you into each round of action, can potentially be lost in the high-risk high-reward mode.

“If they do that right… It could save CoD,” Scump claimed during the latest OpTic Podcast. “If they do that right… Oh my God. Escape From Tarkov, CoD style, with skins…”

Speaking to the latter point, the latest batch of leaks suggest ‘tradeable items’ will arrive in CoD through the DMZ experience. A virtual marketplace will allegedly allow players to purchase and trade everything from weapon skins to entire weapon blueprints.

Escape From Tarkov gameplay
Escape From Tarkov features an intricate trading system, allowing players to cash in after successful runs.

It’s through similar in-game systems that EFT garnered such widespread popularity as every successful run could amass a certain degree of wealth. With Activision seemingly eager to replicate this style with MW2, Scump just “[hopes] they do it right.”

“If it’s an Escape From Tarkov type game… Those games are addicting! Just trying to build your balance, going in killing people, taking their sh**, that’s such a good feeling.

“Killing enemies that have higher tier loot. It’s such a thrill. It’s so fun.”

Scump discusses MW2’s leaked DMZ mode at the 37:00 timestamp.

While he ultimately isn’t “getting [his] hopes up” just yet, as plenty can change between now and launch, Scump believes the new mode could get the storied franchise back on track.

While the CoD IP itself is far from struggling, recent Vanguard sales marked a notable decline for the series. Perhaps with MW2 and the release of this leaked DMZ mode, CoD might bounce back in a big way. Scump certainly thinks it’s possible.