COD players claim devs are leaving Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 behind to focus on DMZ

warzone 2 operators on tanksActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players are getting frustrated with the current state of Call of Duty, suggesting that the developers are paying too much attention to DMZ and neglecting other modes as a result.

DMZ is an extraction shooter that was first introduced to Call of Duty alongside Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II, bringing yet another layer to the gameplay available in COD. Activision has grand plans for it to see success like Warzone did when the battle royale first launched in 2020.

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While it didn’t quite get off the ground like some may have expected it to, many players still believe the devs pay extra care to the mode ahead of battle royale or multiplayer.

Taking to Reddit, COD player antmaster208 posted the meme of a parent caring for one of her children while another struggles in the water behind her, out of sight, comparing it to how the development studios treat each facet of the game.

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Quoting “the next generation of Call of Duty,” antmaster shows Warzone 2 and co-op modes struggling to stay afloat while multiplayer lays dead under the water.

The post overall suggests that DMZ is being cared for far more than the other modes, something that many in the comments agreed with.

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“DMZ is probably the most boring sh*t I’ve ever played,” said one player, not holding back in their assessment, but the sentiment was echoed throughout the thread, as well as with the hundreds of upvotes on the post.

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Despite this, there were a number in the comments who were actually happy about it.

“I don’t care about multiplayer anyways, been a s**tshow for some time already, done with SBMM and joining matches with bots on my team and pro players against us,” said one comment. “DMZ is the way, having more fun than ever. Plunder whenever we want to go guns blazing.”

“Admittedly, I came for the Multiplayer, then I stayed for DMZ. Loving it. Still play and enjoy MP,” said another.

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This isn’t the first time players have taken issue with DMZ, with complaints over the mode being pay-to-win. Despite this, some experts have even claimed that DMZ is dying, though with a reset coming in Season 4, only time will tell what happens with the game.