Some CoD players promise to boycott MW3 after leaks surface

Andrew Highton
main characters in cod mw2

The recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 leaks have left players frustrated that they will essentially be paying “full price for a patch,” and will subsequently boycott MW3.

Even though we’re still a few months out from the projected release of Modern Warfare 3, leaks have already begun to surface. For instance, it’s pretty much been confirmed that an MW3 reveal event is imminent and that the classic mini-map and Ninja Perk will be returning.

But another leak that has caught the eye pertains to the status of Operator Skins, weapons, and bundles. It quickly became public knowledge that all of this gear might be moving over to MW3. Interestingly, the devs responded almost immediately and questioned the player base on this issue.

However, while it’s a good thing that players’ purchases will be viable in MW3, they also feel this causes its own problems.

MW3 boycott could be enforced by fans

Talks of Modern Warfare 3 and its purported plans are not sitting well with MW2 players who think that “the current one is in such a sorry state.”

This sentiment was raised in an MW2 Reddit post discussing the dev’s response to the latest leaks. One user said: “This is a good thing but imo it shouldn’t be applauded. If everything is going to be seamlessly transfered to the new game it could’ve been just another update for MW2 or a $40 DLC. But we know it’s going to be a $70 game and that the only reason they’re doing this is to trick people into buying it after screwing over the entire community with the broken and contentless mess that is MW2.”

Across this post and another Reddit post concerning the subject, CoD fans went all in and explained that they won’t be investing and will boycott MW3 because, as one fan summed up: “This just confirms they’re charging full price for a patch.”

“I got baited into buying Modern Warfare ’22 because (successor), but I won’t be falling for it again,” explained one fan, another added: “I don’t care because I won’t be wasting money and getting disappointed in the next CoD game,” and one final thought offered this: “I bought MW2019 based on the beta. I would have skipped MWII based on its beta but a few friends wanted me to play with them. Now I won’t touch another CoD with a ten-foot pole if it’s the same crap as MWII. I’m hoping XDefiant is good.”

Modern Warfare 3 will be the continuation of the recent reboot series. An MW3 boycott could happen, but we’ll have to see. In the meantime, check out all the latest on the latest CoD title so far.