CoD leaker reveals new details on Modern Warfare II’s Escape From Tarkov-like third mode

Joe Craven
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Call of Duty leaker TheGhostofHope has shed more light on Modern Warfare II’s third mode DMZ, doubling down on comparisons to Escape From Tarkov and claiming it will launch in Beta. 

Despite still being some months off, many Call of Duty fans are brimming with anticipation when it comes to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare II, which has now been confirmed by Activision as the 2022 instalment in the FPS series. 

Believed to focus on conflict with Colombia’s cartels, it is also set to bring a Warzone sequel about which details are also stacking up.

Now, more information about MWII’s third mode has surfaced. Where Treyarch and Sledgehammer games prefer Zombies as the third mode, Infinity Ward has preferred to keep the supernatural out of their titles since Infinite Warfare. That will remain true in MWII, with a DMZ mode rumored.

MW2 2022 teaser
MW2 will be the next mainline Call of Duty game.

While comparisons to Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov have been made in the past, reputable leaker TheGhostofHope doubled down on them in a series of May 6 tweets, in which he also claimed the mode will launch in Beta.

The leaker, who has released information accurately about CoD 2022 in the past, said: “Modern Warfare II’s third mode ‘DMZ’ will launch in BETA.”

He then quoted an unknown source, presumably from Activision or Infinity Ward: “Something like the DMZ doesn’t become final until the general public has gotten hands on it. It’s a large mode that needs maintenance.”

When asked how the game mode is like Tarkov, the leaker explained: “What you take with you you can lose. [It’s] more tactical. Etc.”

While the suggestion it will launch in Beta may frustrate some fans, it underlines the mode’s potential to expand and improve throughout the game’s life cycle.

It’s also worth mentioning that past leaks do not guarantee the accuracy of this information, which will remain unconfirmed until Activision or Infinity Ward break their silence.

We do expect more information on Modern Warfare II this month, so keep your eyes peeled.

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