JGOD’s Marco 5 akimbo Warzone loadout could dominate Season 4

JGOD akimbo Marco 5 Warzone loadoutActivision / JGOD

Warzone Season 4 introduced the Marco 5 SMG, a brand-new weapon looking to shake up the close-range meta. Players can even duel-wield the Marco 5 and CoD guru JGOD has revealed the ideal akimbo loadout.

The CoD community has praised Warzone Season 4 and even a host of big-name content creators have welcomed all of the changes, from the new Fortune’s Keep map to the number of weapon balancing adjustments.

One of the biggest new additions in Season 4 is the Marco 5, a punchy SMG perfect for close-range encounters. What separates it from other weapons in its class is the ability to dual-wield, blowing opponents away with twice the firepower.

Warzone expert JGOD has put together the perfect akimbo Marco 5 loadout, which could become a force of nature at close-range as Season 4 progresses.

Marco 5 in WarzoneActivision
Being able to dual-wield the Marco 5 makes it a unique weapon in the Warzone roster.

Although the Marco 5 can be used as a traditional SMG, the developers clearly designed it with Akimbo Perk in mind. It has a blistering fire rate and has great hipfire accuracy.

With just the one Marco 5, the SMG has a TTK of around 612 M/S if you can land shots on the enemy’s head, neck, or chest. Switching to Akimbo, however, brings it down to 421 M/S, one of the quickest TTKs in one game.

If the prospect of tearing across Caldera armed with SMGs sounds like a good time, JGOD has broken down the perfect loadout to make the akimbo Marco 5 a beast in Warzone Season 4.

JGOD’s best akimbo Marco 5 loadout in Warzone Season 4

  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: Botti 285mm Custom
  • Optic: 1229/Slate 3.25x Custom
  • Stock: Botti HF Folding
  • Magazine: 9mm 48 Round Drums
  • Ammo Type: Subsonic
  • Rear Grip: Pine Tar Grip
  • Perk 1: Akimbo
  • Perk 2: Quick

The YouTuber explained in his video that the Marco 5 akimbo setup is far different than if you were running it as a single SMG. Since akimbo removes the ability to aim down sight, his loadout is mainly concerned with raising the hipfire accuracy to allow players to achieve its potential TTK.

He equipped the Botti 285mm Custom, 1229/Slate 3.25x Custom, Botti HF Folding, and Pine Tar Grip, all of which add up to a huge increase in hipfire accuracy. Then he combined these attachments with Subsonic rounds and the Quick Perk, to allow for faster movement but greater stealth.

Throwing in a Recoil Booster Muzzle raised the fire rate, making the two Marco 5s utterly devastating at close range. Finally, he rounded out the loadout with 9mm 48 Round Drums for extra ammo capacity, giving players a total of 96 bullets to unload.

There’s no doubt there are other Warzone SMGs with more precision, but if you’re looking for a secondary weapon purely for short-range encounters, then the akimbo Marco 5s are one of the most effective in Season 4.

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