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Best Warzone loadouts used by Aydan, HusKerrs, JGOD, more

Published: 4/Jun/2021 22:41 Updated: 5/Jun/2021 0:58

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s best players and content creators grind to discover the best weapon classes. Some compile those in lovely spreadsheets. Here are the best loadouts, for every single gun across Verdansk, from top players like Aydan, HusKerrs, JGOD, Symfuhny, and TeePee.

During Warzone Season 3, the game is enjoying a bountiful meta full of diverse weapon classes. Should you want to try out a new loadout, this is the perfect time, and the perfect inspiration comes from the game’s hardest workers, who run Verdansk like a full-time job. To help their fans, some of the battle royale’s best have compiled spreadsheets with preferred classes and attachments for every gun they’ve used.


Whether used to find specific gun classes or simply to compare attachment choices, these spreadsheets provide an excellent resource.

Here is every weapon class and loadout from seven top creators: Aydan, HusKerrs, Symfuhny, JGOD, SuperEvan, MuTeX, and TeePee.

Aydan’s best Warzone loadouts

Aydan joins New York Subliners
New York Subliners
Now with NYSL, Aydan is on top of the Warzone world.

The highest earner in Warzone and a monthly fixture among the best seven players, Aydan is the premier source of inspiration for weapon classes and loadouts (for controller players in particular). 

While Aydan’s sheet doesn’t include perks, he uses Double Time, Ghost or Overkill, and Amped. What it does include is 36 of the guns he has used in Warzone (23 from Modern Warfare, 13 from Cold War). You can find Aydan’s loadouts sheet here.


If you’re finding it difficult to put together a set of effective loadouts to take into Verdansk, Aydan’s various weapon setups are guaranteed to give you some great options.

HusKerrs’ best Warzone loadouts

The second-highest earner in Warzone, Husk is widely considered to be among the best PC players in the world. His loadouts spreadsheet includes 32 weapons (four Cold War weapons and 28 Modern Warfare guns — including hip-fire variants for submachine guns).

Ever gracious, Husk has also included all of his perks, settings, and equipment on the spreadsheet, as well as color-coded highlights for his currently preferred loadout. You can find HusKerrs’ classes sheet here.


Symfuhny’s best Warzone loadouts

While Symfuhny doesn’t compete in Warzone tourneys at the moment, citing issues with hackers and glitches, he was one of the best in the world when he did. He still plays daily and, as a very unique player, provides some interesting loadout options.

His list includes 43 guns (27 from MW, 16 from BOCW) with all of the details you need to recreate each of his deadly loadouts. At the moment, Sym has the MAC-10 and RAM highlighted as his main weapons on the spreadsheet, so it may be worth giving those setups a try.

You can find all of Symfuhny’s loadouts, with every preferred attachment, here.


JGOD’s best Warzone loadouts

If you follow Warzone, you know who JGOD is. The content creator has become the premier source of analysis and information for everyone, from top pros to casuals.

Not only does JGOD’s spreadsheet have every gun (with data) in the game, it also ranks each of his favorite classes on a scale from “1: not worth ever using” to “10: unbelievably broken.”

You can find all of JGOD’s loadouts and data here.

SuperEvan’s best Warzone loadouts

One of the hottest Warzone tournament players in the world, SuperEvan’s loadouts are good enough to win big bucks — so they should be good enough to use as inspiration.


Evan’s spreadsheet is organized by gun type, so it should be easy to find the weapons you’re most interested in. Just don’t visit the launchers section.

You can find all of SuperEvan’s favorite loadouts here.

MuTeX’s best Warzone loadouts

While MuTeX hasn’t been dominating tournaments, he has been dominating Warzone’s world records. He practically pioneered the Bullfrog as a Season 3 secondary, so people are eager to find his loadouts.

A former CDL S&D coach and current Verdansk demon, you can find all of MuMu’s favorite Warzone classes here.

TeePee’s best Warzone loadouts

teepee cod champs
Instagram: tylerteep
Who better to ask for a clever class than a professional analyst?

A former CoD pro, current Call of Duty League analyst, and Warzone competitor, TeePee has big brains and experience to match his talents. As such, it should be no surprise that he has the most comprehensive list of weapon loadouts.

TeeP’s spreadsheet includes preferred gun attachments for 58 weapons (37 from MW, 19 from CW). This makes his list the most comprehensive by far and is definitely worth studying if you want class loadouts for the more niche weapons. You can find TeePee’s loadouts sheet here.

With weapon tuning updates, these classes are all subject to change. Each streamer updates their spreadsheets at a different pace, so feel free to check into their stream to make sure they’ve listed their most up-to-date classes.

We will update this list as more streamers put spreadsheets together, but these are the best options from those available at the moment.