How to get Party Skin Bonus in Warzone & MW3: New XP boost explained

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Warzone gameplay

CoD’s new Party Skin Bonus gives out a ton of Double XP just for wearing a featured Operator skin, but the system is a little convoluted. To help wrap your head around it, here’s the full rundown on how it all works across Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

For the CoD grinders out there, nothing is more important than that sweet, sweet XP. Taking advantage of Double XP events, completing every challenge under the sun, it’s all vital in reaching that max level and unlocking everything the latest game has to offer.

So when a new feature is added that grants bonus experience just for equipping the right skin, it’s certainly bound to turn some heads. That’s exactly the case with CoD’s new Party Skin Bonus system.

Here’s how you can get Double XP across Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 just by playing with the right Operator Skin equipped.

Warzone & MW3 Party Skin Bonus explained

The Party Skin Bonus is in effect when all players in a team use a particular Operator skin featured in the CoD store’s ‘Party Pack’ bundles.

By purchasing Operator skins from these distinct bundles, players who equip them and are a part of at least a Duo receive Double Level XP and Double Weapon XP. However, for those in Trios or full Squads, you’ll also earn Double Battle Pass XP.

Just keep in mind, every player in the team, regardless of size, needs to be using the featured Operator skin from a Party Pack bundle. It’s also worth noting the feature skin is set to rotate in and out, meaning if you always want the XP boosts, you’ll need to keep up with the latest featured skins.

How to get the Party Skin Bonus in Warzone & MW3

You need to purchase a Party Pack bundle in the CoD store in order to get the Party Skin Bonus. It’s then just a simple matter of equipping the featured Operator skin and joining up with some friends.

Killer Serial Creep Party Pack in CoD store
The first Party Skin Bonus is now live through the Killer Serial Creep Party Pack bundle in the CoD store.

The first bundle is now live in the CoD store as the Killer Serial Creep Party Pack contains the Rave Swagger Operator skin. But equipping this skin, your Party Skin Bonus will be active. This will run you 1,600 CoD Points in total.

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