Best Warzone landing spots on Caldera map in Season 4

Warzone CalderaActivision

Warzone Pacific Season 4 changed a great deal on Caldera, the vast island map that replaced Verdansk. While this enormous landscape is tough to master, here’s how you can get an early lead with the absolute best landing spots in the game today.

With Warzone Season 4 now in full swing, Caldera has seen arguably its biggest shakeup to date. From returning locales to a drought sweeping the area, there’s plenty new to keep in mind when dropping in. 

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Steep hills, massive underground facilities, and wide-open fields come together across Caldera’s diverse range of POIs, making it a difficult area to fully comprehend. You’ll need to play dozens of games to properly get a grip with all the latest changes, but we’ve got you covered with a full guide.

From the hottest drop spots in Caldera to the smartest landing zones, here’s a breakdown of the best places to start your run in Warzone Season 4.

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Best Solo landing spot: Sub Pen

CoD Warzone Caldera gameplayActivision
Sub Pen provides safety from any third-party fights early into a match.

When playing alone, the best landing spot is often the safest. Dropping into a huge, open area won’t do you any favors. As a result, Sub Pen is arguably the ideal Solo drop spot to get you on your way to a victory.

Loot is plentiful here, so you’ll easily be able to armor up and equip some strong early-game weapons ahead of the Loadout Drops. Though the biggest upside of Sub Pen is its small, enclosed spaces.

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With plenty of corridors and underground hangars, there’s a slim chance you’ll get third-partied in here. So take your time, loot up, and advance out of Sub Pen with the best odds for survival.

Best Duo landing spot: Arsenal

CoD Warzone Caldera gameplayActivision
Arsenal has more than enough loot for a Duo to exceed in Season 4.

When you’re landing as a Duo in Warzone, you always want to ensure there’s enough loot to go around. Dropping into a small POI or even one that’s hotly contested might end your run short. So we’ve settled on Aresnal as a safe bet for any Duo game.

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Not only is it stacked with tons of weapons, ammo, and cash, especially with the major additions that arrived in Season 4, but vehicles are also present in the area. When you’re done looting up and taking down any early game threats, you can rotate right away and start pushing the pace.

Best Trios & Quads landing spot: Fields

CoD Warzone Caldera gameplayActivision
Fields is one of the biggest POIs in Caldera.

With a full team by your side, it’s wise to land in a more open area and take advantage of your numbers. Dropping into Fields and specifically rushing for a few quick kills can be more than enough to set your team up for success.

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Fields is obviously known for its long sightlines, but there are plenty of smaller buildings to keep you out of danger. Keep these in mind and always try to block off at least one angle as you advance, reducing the odds of a third-party interfering and spoiling the fun.

Best landing spot for high-kill games: Storage Town

Storage Town POI in CalderaActivision
Storage Town is the first POI from Verdansk to enter Caldera, and it might not be the last.

Whether you’re familiar with the POI through its time in Verdansk, or it’s new for you in Caldera, Storage Town is an extremely rewarding POI to start you run with.

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While it’s a hot drop in itself, especially being new in Season 4 with plenty of early fights to be expected, it’s the wide range of loot that makes it a great place to kickstart a high-kill game. After wiping out any initial teams, you should be well-equipped for the first few rotations with a bunch of cash, weapons, and armor.

Moreover, Storage Town’s location allows for some easy navigation no matter where the gas decides to close in.

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Hottest drop spot in Warzone Season 4: Peak

Peak in Warzone Pacific Season 4.Activision
Peak has been the hottest drop spot in Caldera since the map launched in Season 1.

With the layout of Caldera, Peak is naturally the hottest drop spot in Season 4. As the name implies, it’s the highest point of the island. 

Landing at Peak and clearing out any early squads – of which there will be plenty – gives your team a huge advantage. From this high point, you can easily control the flow of the match. 

CoD Warzone Caldera gameplayActivision
Be ready for a gunfight as soon as you land near Peak.

Regardless of where the zone may be focused, you rotate by jumping off and soaring down in any direction. Moreover, you’ll have the upper hand in any gunfight on your descent, with verticality slowing down all those below you.

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It’s almost always a bloodbath at the beginning of any lobby, so don’t expect to control Peak without a huge effort. Drop in preparing for an early engagement and do your best to keep the entire team standing.

Best landing spot for easier wins in Warzone Season 4: Mines

CoD Warzone Caldera gameplayActivision
Mines has everything you need to get off to a strong state in Caldera.

If you’re looking for easier wins in Warzone and want to avoid the gamble with a hot drop, Mines is the POI for you. It’s one of Caldera’s biggest locations with plenty of space out in the open and underground as well.

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Dropping here should give you enough cash to wait for the first available Loadout Drops, getting you on your way to a win. Just be sure to keep an eye on the hills as teams rotating in can get the jump on your team if you’re not careful.

Ultimately, each team is always going to have its preferred landing spots. Some are undeniably stronger than others, but just about any POI can be an effective place to start in Caldera.

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But if you’re looking to get an edge, you can’t go wrong with our suggestions listed above.

Let us know your favorite drop in Caldera by tweeting us at @DexertoEsports!

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