How to fix Status Goldflake Warzone error: Solution for Modern Warfare bug

Status Goldflake errorActivision

The Status Goldflake error has been troubling Warzone and Modern Warfare players for a while now, but there is a simple trick that can fix this frustrating issue. 

Warzone and Modern Warfare’s Status Goldflake error can prove incredibly frustrating, but there is a quick fix that can get you back into the FPS action. Like most multiplayer games, Warzone is home to plenty of annoying glitches, bugs, and error messages. 

In fact, it’s not uncommon for certain errors to rear their ugly heads during new updates. From the Savannah error to the DIVER and error code 6 issues, there seems to always be an annoying bug that causes in-game issues. 

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However, one of the most persistent issues is that of the Status Goldflake error. Fortunately,  there is a way you can fix this issue. 

Status Goldflake error fix Warzone & Modern Warfare

Status Goldflake error fixActivision / Treyarch
The Status Goldflake error can be easily fixed.

The Status Goldflake error can crop up at any time, but if you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to queue up for Warzone and Modern Warfare games in no time. 

  1. Restart your PC or console. 
  2. Wait for the system to reboot itself
  3. Relaunch Warzone or Modern Warfare

Once you load back in, the error message should disappear and you’ll be able to begin playing again. Unfortunately, there is no official fix for the Status Goldflake error. If you encounter the problem again, simply follow the tip above to fix the issue. 

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Whether Activision will address this issue in a future update remains to be seen, but for now, players will have to put up with this frustrating error message. 

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