How to fix Warzone & Modern Warfare Savannah error

Warzone Savannah error fixActivision

CoD: Warzone and Modern Warfare’s status: Savannah error frequently rears its head during new updates, so here’s how you can fix it and get back into the action. 

Just like most multiplayer games, Warzone is no stranger to the world of bugs, glitches, and pesky error messages. While Activision is constantly trying to fix many of these issues, there are times where even the oldest problems return. One of the most frustrating issues is that of the Savannah error message in Caldera and general Modern Warfare play. 

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This frustrating error prevents you from joining your friends and teaming up online, which makes queuing up for games of Warzone incredibly difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of fixes that can fix the Savannah error on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in the game


What is the Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare Savannah error?

caldera peak mapActivision
Warzone Pacific is new, but the error message is still happening.

According to Activision’s official support page, Warzone’s Savannah errors “typically occur when an update is being deployed. Once the latest version of the game is installed, the error no longer appears.”

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The Savannah error often prevents players from joining any members from their friend list, which obviously has a negative impact on those that enjoy playing as part of a team.

Warzone Savannah error PC fix

Warzone Savannah error Activision / Blizzard
Warzone’s Savannah error often returns with new updates.

If you’re encountering the Savannah error on PC, then all you have to do is update your game to the latest version.

To do this, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Open up 
  2. Select the ‘Warzone‘ tab from the menu
  3. Hit the ‘Update’ button to begin installing the latest version of the game
  4. Open Warzone and try to join your friends 

While the above method works for many players, there are times where an update just refuses to download. If your game hasn’t found the update, then select the cog next to the ‘Play’ button and hit ‘Check for Updates’. This should force your game to begin downloading the latest version. 

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Should neither of the above work, then locate Modern Warfare’s game files and delete the following folders: 

  • code_post_gfx.psob
  • data0.dcache
  • data1.dcache
  • techsets_captive.psob
  • techsets_common.psob
  • techsets_common_base_mp.psob
  • techsets_common_mp.psob
  • techsets_common_sp.psob
  • techsets_estate.psob
  • techsets_global_stream_mp.psob
  • techsets_lab.psob
  • techsets_mp_frontend.psob
  • techsets_stpetersburg.psob
  • toc0.dcache
  • toc1.dache

Now that you’ve done that, it’s time to follow the next steps:

  1. Head back over to
  2. Select the cog next to the Warzone play button
  3. Then, select the ‘Scan and Repair’ option
  4. Wait for it to finish and then open up the game 

Warzone Savannah error PS4 and PS5 fix

Warzone Savannah error PS4 PS5Activision / Sony
Fixing the Savannah error on PS4/PS5 is very easy.

Fixing the Savannah error on PS4/PS5 is incredibly easy and only requires a few steps. 

Head over to the PlayStation home screen and then follow the instructions below: 

  1. Locate the Call of Duty: Warzone launcher 
  2. Press the ‘Options’ button on your controller
  3. Select ‘Checking for Updates
  4. Download the latest version of Warzone

Warzone Savannah error Xbox One and Series X fix

In order to fix the Savannah error on Xbox One and Series X, you’ll need to follow a similar number of steps. 

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  1. Locate your ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ game 
  2. Find the game’s reserve data and uninstall it
  3. Update Warzone
  4. Open the game and select a friend to join. 

There you have it, every method you can use to fix Warzone’s Savannah error. Make sure you check out our Call of Duty page for all the latest updates and guides!

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