Dr Disrespect explains why he wasn’t allowed into Modern Warfare 2 preview event

Nathan Warby
Dr Disrespect with Captain Price from MW2

A select few were given their first peek at the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 at the recent NFL Draft in Las Vegas. But, streaming superstar Dr Disrespect wasn’t invited to the event, and he’s explained why.

Ever since it was officially confirmed on April 28, the hype surrounding 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 has been hard to avoid. The prospect of classic maps and weapons from the 2009 original making a comeback has fans eager to get their hands on it.

A lucky few NFL prospects and content creators were invited to see the game in action for the first time at the 2022 NFL Draft. Many were quick to share their impressions, such as Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner who called the demo “insane.”

But popular streamer Dr Disrespect wasn’t among those who got to see a section of Modern Warfare 2, despite previously working on the series as a map designer in Advanced Warfare.

Dr Disrespect not invited to MW2 preview because of Midnight Society

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MW2 will be the next mainline Call of Duty game after Vanguard

Speaking during his May 10 stream, Doc revealed that while attending the NFL Draft in Las Vegas, he caught wind that other attendees were seeing footage of Warzone 2.

We now know it was actually Modern Warfare 2 being shown off, not Warzone 2, but the streamer went on to explain why he was excluded from the event.

“The Two-Time makes a couple of flip phone calls to find out there potentially was [a preview],” he said during the stream. “However, the Doc would not be invited because of the Midnight Society studio.”

The YouTube star’s studio has been revealed for some time now, and he’s made no secret of aspirations to challenge the likes of Warzone and Apex Legends in the battle royale space. It appears that Activision have taken notice, and now consider Midnight Society a rival.

However, Doc didn’t seem to be phased by missing out on Modern Warfare 2 footage. Instead, he saw it as a victory for his fledgling game studio.

“Think about that position, champs…I love it” he continued. “Midnight Society considered a competitor, I respect it. I liked it, actually.”

He went on to say that he “preferred that answer” rather than being invited to see the game, claiming it showed a “respect factor” between the two companies.

Only time will tell if Dr Disrespect will be excluded from all upcoming Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 previews. But after the recent news that Midnight Society has enlisted an Elder Scrolls and Halo dev, it’s clear that the streamer remains intent on building a studio to rival Call of Duty.

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