Dr Disrespect shares custom Warzone 2 Operator skin idea and fans want to buy it

Dr Disrespect Warzone Operator skin headerTwitter: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has created his very own Warzone 2 operator skin, with the content creator posting the design online and calling the move “the only thing that can save Warzone.” Fans are now begging to have the design made into a reality.

The Doc is back at it again when it comes to voicing his disappointment and frustration at Warzone 2. However, this time the streamer has gotten creative with his approach, posting an image on Twitter of what he calls “the only thing that can save Warzone.”

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The post in question is a self-made Dr Disrespect Operator design, one that imagines the streamer as a playable character in Warzone 2. Never one do things halfway, the Doc even wrote up a description for his self-made Warzone 2 operator and, if this bio is anything to go off of, Dr Disrespect would be a force to be reckoned with if gamers could play as him in Warzone.

“Skilled and tactical operator with a rand of abilities that make him a formidable opponent in combat. Equipped with a range of powerful weapons, including his signature “Two-Time” assault rifle, which is highly accurate and powerful at long ranges. Versatile and deadly operator with unique abilities and equipment that make him the best choice for players whole prefer a more violent approach to gameplay.”

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Warzone 2 players want Dr Disrespect Operator skin in the game

And if the comments section of the Tweet is anything to go off, it appears CoD players would love to get their hands on a Dr Disrespect Warzone Operator skin. One person commented how “this would be the only skin we’d use!”

Modern Warzone also wrote that it was “better than any of the bundles they’ve dropped so far” while another gamer admitted that they would “for sure” buy the Doc bundle if it went live.

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Dr Disrespect has not been shy about his criticism in regard to Call of Duty Warzone, with the streamer and content creator just recently calling the game “no fun.”

After being eliminated in the gulag during his March 16 stream, The Two-Time immediately launched into a signature tirade against the battle royale, claiming that he “hates the game” yet again. 

“None of it makes sense, none of its fun. Worst Call of Duty ever,” the Doc said as he returned to the main menu and started to get ready for another game. “None of it makes sense, none of its fun except multiplayer on the new map, that’s it.”

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