Dr Disrespect bans “chubby cheek wannabe” over MW2 aim assist exchange

dr disrespect on warzone dramaYouTube/DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect wasn’t happy after one viewer called him out for his attitude towards Modern Warfare 2’s aim assist so the Two-Time gave him a quick roasting before kicking him out of the stream.

The reality of being a big-time streamer is that there will be days when negativity slips through the cracks despite your best efforts, and few people know that better than Dr Disrespect.

The gaming megastar’s chat was on Members Only mode while he dove into some Warzone 2 games on January 2, but even that wasn’t enough to stop one fan from sneaking in a shot. relaxed as ever, Doc handled the situation with ease and let any future naysayers know that they better be ready for him to shoot back.

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Dr Disrespect roasts viewer & bans him from chat after strange exchange

It happened after the inventor Speed, Violence, & Momentum wrapped up a Free-For-All match on Breenbergh Hotel, where he noted that his aim assist still doesn’t feel quite right in MW2.

He was joining up with ZLaner to run some Warzone 2 matches when the commenter chimed in to tell him to “stop complaining” about the feature.

“I’m just letting you know it’s not activated, Johnny. You know what? I don’t like your attitude. Get him out of the arena,” Doc told his mods. “We don’t want to let any chubby-cheeked wannabe desperation inside.”

This isn’t the only time that the superstar has shown off his signature fiery streak as of late either. He’s been brutally honest about the state of Warzone 2 as well and it seems like Doc’s classic attitude will stay as sharp as ever in 2023.

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