7 classic Modern Warfare 2 guns we want in MW2 2022

Nathan Warby
Captain Price with Intervention from Modern Warfare 2

The original Modern Warfare 2 featured some beloved weapons that are still remembered by CoD fans to this day. With 2022’s entry in the series set be another MW2, we’ve broken down the guns from 2009 that we desperately want to see return.

A Call of Duty game is nothing without its weapons, which is why 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 holds up as one of the most beloved entries in the series. The follow-up to the game that changed FPS forever gave fans some memorable firearms, that are still recreated today.

2022’s CoD has been confirmed to be another Modern Warfare 2, a sequel to the 2019 reboot of the beloved sub-series. Infinity Ward will no doubt have plenty of new weapons for us try out, but we’re expecting to see some old favorites make a return as well.

With this in mind, here are the seven classic Modern Warfare 2 weapons we’d love to see return in CoD 2022.

Intervention (Sniper Rifle)

Intervention in MW2
Would it really be Modern Warfare 2 without the Intervention?

For many players, there’s only one gun that springs to mind when they think of Modern Warfare 2, and that’s the Intervention. This monster of a Sniper Rifle dominated MW2’s multiplayer, both core and hardcore, for its entire lifespan, and it quickly became synonymous with the game.

The Intervention boasted incredible accuracy and mobility, much like the other weapons in its class. What made it special was the ease with which skilled players could quickscope, taking it from a long-range rifle to an all-purpose beast.

Sniping is a dying art in CoD multiplayer these days, and quickscoping is largely reserved for private matches or desperate situations with no other option. If Infinity Ward wants the spotlight to fall on Snipers again, bringing back the Intervention is the best way to do it.

ACR (Assualt Rifle)

ACR Modern Warfare 2
The ACR may have been MW2’s best all-round Assault Rifle

Modern Warfare 2 had an impressive lineup of Assault Rifles and the ACR was arguably the most well-rounded of the bunch. Not unlocked until level 48, this multi-purpose AR was well worth the wait.

While its actual damage output may not be the best, its ridiculous range and accuracy made it a favorite among fans. Paired with Stopping Power to navigate its main drawback, the ACR could stand toe-to-toe with any other gun in its class.

In a modern CoD where players will have tons more attachments to kit it out with, this is exactly the sort of gun we’d expected to see at the top of the meta of both multiplayer and Warzone.

UMP-45 (SMG)

Player firing gold UMP-45 in MW2
Modern Warfare 2 is home to some all-time greats, and the UMP-45 is the pick of the bunch.

Chances are if you weren’t quickscoping with the Intervention, you were probably tearing around Highrise with the UMP-45. Despite its reputation as a gun for “noobs,” it remained one of the most popular weapons in the entire game from start to finish.

When times were tough, players would often break out a silenced UMP to get up close and personal. Its range was nothing to shout about, but high accuracy and damage made it a menace at short distances, and the go-to Sniper support.

Search and Destroy purists will probably be sick of the sight of it, after years of being rushed from the spawn by a UMP user with Marathon and Lightweight. Still, it remains one of the all-time great CoD guns.

FAL (Assault Rifle)

FAl in MW2It wasn’t for everyone, but the FAL really packed a punch.

MW2 has no shortage of guns that were simple to use, but the FAL was the Assault Rifle that only the most skilled players could get to grips with. Its semi-automatic fire rate promoted a more careful style of play – a far cry from Akimbo Models or the UMP-45.

However, it had the highest damage range of any Assault Rifle, so it rewarded every shot in a big way. Those with a fast trigger finger could also unload rounds in rapid succession, so it quickly became unstoppable in the right hands.

With all of the fully automatic ARs and SMGs that have dominated CoD in recent years, it would be great to see something a little different challenge the meta.

Model 1887 (Shotgun)

Model 1887 in MW2
If you saw this running towards you, it was probably game over.

While many of the entries on this list would genuinely be strong additions to any CoD multiplayer, the Model 1887 gets here on pure nostalgia. Not to say the Model wasn’t a solid choice back in the day; this accurate, lever-action Shotgun was a strong contender to the SPAS-12.

However, most players’ memory will be of dying after not one, but two shots from the Model 1887, at ridiculous ranges, as enemies would run around with a Shotgun in each hand thanks to the Akimbo attachment. Yes, it was occasionally frustrating, but it made for some intense matchups on smaller maps like Rust.

It remains to be seen whether or not Akimbo makes its return in this year’s game, but MW2 without the Model 1887 just wouldn’t be the same.

SCAR-H (Assault Rifle)

SCAR-H in MW2 Remastered
With so many AR options, the SCAR-H was still a standout.

After using the M4A1 to blitz those early ranks, the SCAR-H would become the default Assault Rifle for players once they hit level 8. The quick unlock gave us plenty of time to become acquainted with the weapon, and it’s one of the most recognizable the game had to offer.

But even though it wasn’t tough to unlock, it certainly packed a punch. Blistering damage and pinpoint accuracy meant it could devastate in any situation, so much that it had to have its magazine size restricted in the name of balance.

Remarkably, the SCAR-H has barely featured outside of the Modern Warfare series, so we think it’s definitely time to dust off the old faithful.

M93 Raffica (Machine Pistol)

M93 Raffica Akimbo in MW2
Akimbo M93 Rafficas could devastate a lobby in no time.

It may not be the first weapon that comes to mind when you think of Modern Warfare 2, but there was something special about blowing players away with a pint-sized burst pistol. Much like the Model 1887, this was another weapon that came to life when wielded with Akimbo.

Just one Raffica was capable of dealing a one-burst kill up with a well-placed shot, so equipping two made them virtually unstoppable. As far as secondary weapons go, it was certainly one of the most formidable.

It may not be the most conventional of choices, but running around with dual M93 Raffica’s is a distinctly ‘Modern Warfare 2 ‘ experience, so it only seems fitting that it should return in 2022.

There you have it! Those were the classic Modern Warfare 2 guns we want to see in this year’s Call of Duty. For more on MW2 2022, check out the five maps we want to see return as well.

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