NICKMERCS explains why Modern Warfare 2 will bring him back to Warzone

James Busby
NICKMERCS with MW2 logo

Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed that MW2 would bring him back to Warzone, giving his Call of Duty fans hope for his long-awaited return to the BR. 

With the recent news that Infinity Ward is currently developing Warzone 2 alongside MW2, there has been a lot of excitement in the CoD community. While Vanguard proved popular, the reception surrounding the WW2 shooter has been mixed. 

In fact, one of the biggest critics of Warzone’s Vanguard integration has been NICKMERCS. The popular streamer famously left the BR and has since been busy grinding out competitive Apex Legends games. 

However, Nick has now revealed that the MW2 Warzone integration would bring him back to the CoD BR in a heartbeat. 

NICKMERCS on MW2 Warzone integration

MW2 2022 teaser
MW2 will be the next mainline Call of Duty game.

“I think it’s a great move and that’s more like it,” said Nick. “Even with that being said, I don’t have any real ambition to play MW2 – as surprising as that may be. I might hop on it a little bit.” 

However, with the developers revealing that both MW2 and Warzone 2 will be “designed together from the ground-up,”​ many players have been getting increasingly excited for the future of the series. This is especially true for NICKMERCS, who was turned away by the Vanguard integration.

“As long as Call of Duty is old-fashioned bullsh*t, I have zero intentions [of going back],” he continued. “I can’t even wrap my head around why you guys play that sh*t. It’s so f*cking bad, I’ve always hated it.”  

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Of course, with the departure from WW2, Nick is keen to dive back into Warzone. It’s also important to note that a new engine powers both the new Call of Duty game release and Warzone, which is something Nick is excited about. 

“F*ck the WW2 stuff, now we’re going to MW2 – one of the most iconic, wildly popular Call of Duty games ever. I mean, you build a good battle royale around that, now we’re talking.” 

While details surrounding Warzone 2 and MW2 remain scarce, it’s clear that Nick is keen to dive back into Warzone once both games make their debut.