Dr Disrespect reveals new features coming to Deadrop in development update

DEADROP artworkMidnight Society

Dr Disrespect provided fans with a development update on Midnight Studios’s upcoming FPS title, DEADROP.

Doc has been vocal in his criticism of Warzone 2. During a live stream on February 5, he questioned WZ2’s overall “vision” and “design route.” The streamer’s disdain for other battle royale titles inspired him to create his own experience, and he finally provided an update on the project.

The Two Time and his Midnight Studio originally announced DEADROP in July 2022, a ‘vertical extraction shooter’ featuring a mix of PvP and PvE combat. Only early founder members of Doc and the Midnight Society have gotten their hands on the FPS title to this point.

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However, fans weren’t completely left in the dark as Doc hinted at a potential 2024 release date and spoke about his intentions to make the game cross-platform.

Dr Disrespect gave fans another peak behind the curtain, sharing a progress update for the upcoming game.

Dr Disrespect reveals new DEADROP POI and armor system

Deadrop Teaser image from Midnight SocietyMidnight Society
Deadrop is Midnight Society’s first video game.

On February 6, Dr Disrespect spoke about DEADROP’s development process for 2023. Midnight Society Studio plans on sharing “significant new features” with found members around every three months.

“With every drop comes major advancements in gameplay and expansion of the Tower.”

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DEADROP twists the typical Battle Royale formula by forcing players to fight through a towering skyscraper, as opposed to a sprawling island. After four months of development, Doc revealed the map’s first POI, “Cold Storage.”

Dr Disrespect also announced new features, such as an armor and helmet system “which will allow Variants to display their Visor Cortex in-game for the very first time.”

Other announcements included consumable healing, a smoke grenade, six fully completed weapons, and 13 attachments.

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Doc concluded by announcing a playest for fans in Texas on March 17. We will provide an update when we learn more about the vertical extraction shooter.

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