Dr Disrespect calls Warzone 2 the “worst” CoD ever as he quits for PUBG

Dr Disrespect looking fed up at camera with mouth openYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has, once again, hit out at Warzone 2, labeling it the “worst” Call of Duty game ever. In fact, he got so annoyed at it that he decided to make a return to PUBG. 

When it comes to laying down a judgment on a battle royale game, Dr Disrespect has seen them all, and his word holds a fair bit of weight. 

The Two-Time, who is a former Call of Duty map designer, had high hopes for Warzone 2 at first, and stated that the game had “great” potential. However, he’s soured on it over the last few weeks, and has changed tack. Though, he has still been dropping into Al Mazrah for games alongside the likes of ZLaner. 

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That might be coming to an end, though, as the Doc has gotten so fed up with Warzone 2 that he decided to ditch it for PUBG. 

Dr Disrespect ditches Warzone 2 for PUBG as its “worst” Call of Duty ever

It happened on The Two-Time’s January 31st stream, as he played the CoD battle royale for barely two hours. His breaking point came when he was eliminated from a match by an enemy who’d jumped out of a car to get the jump on him.

“I can’t do this game anymore man,” the Doc said. “It is the most skillless game ever, holy s*it. This has got to be the worst Call of Duty ever. It really is. The experience, it’s got to be the worst.”

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He made the switch over to PUBG as he gave up on Warzone, but he didn’t up the complaints. “This game is so wack, man. I got to get off it. We tried.” 

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The Doc added that it’s “laughable” how “terrible” the game is, given it’s been out for a few months and some of the biggest issues haven’t been addressed. 

As we’ve seen time and time again with the Two-Time, he’ll probably make a return before long and get frustrated all over again. So, we’ll wait and see if he finally makes that jump to Apex Legends he’s been teasing.

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