Dr Disrespect calls Call of Duty “pathetic” for removing NICKMERCS skin

Dr Disrespect in American Football video at San Francisco 49ers training camp.Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has labeled Call of Duty “pathetic,” after Activision removed NICKMERC’s operator bundle following the streamer’s controversial comments on a pro-LGBT demonstration.

FaZe member and co-owner NICKMERCS came under heavy criticism after responding to a tweet showing a protest over Pride Month being recognized in a school. Nick responded by saying “they should leave little children alone,” resulting in backlash on Twitter.

He then went on to defend his stance and insisted it was fair, citing the recent birth of his child as motivation for his comment. This resulted in Call of Duty removing his bundle from MW2 and Warzone 2. Some members of the community were supportive of this while others uninstalled CoD in protest.

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Now a big personality has given their take on the topic, with Dr Disrespect believing that Call of Duty made the wrong call.

Dr Disrespect slams CoD PR team after NICKMERCS bundle is removed

Dr Disrespect has slammed the “Call of Duty PR” team following its decision to remove the NICKMERCS bundle from MW2 and Warzone 2.

Speaking on the situation he tweeted: “Who’s running Call of Duty PR and Marketing now? Same people from the purple snakes? Pathetic.”

The phrase “purple snakes,” is Dr Disrespect’s name for Twitch and the people responsible for running the streaming platform. He has been vocal against Twitch’s policy changes most recently taking a swipe at its retracted plans to restrict branded content.

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The Doc’s comments on the removal of NICKMERCS’ bundle come from a unique standpoint. Although he is known for streaming these days, he was once a Call of Duty developer working as a level designer for Sledgehammer Games.

During his time at Sledgehammer Games, Dr Disrespect helped design several of the multiplayer maps for Advanced Warfare including Quarantine, Recovery, and Solar. He admitted in October 2022 that he would love to see Advanced Warfare 2 and would consider getting involved again if asked.

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