Why Hell’s Paradise manga has the perfect ending?

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Despite being a dark Shonen full of brutal fights, Hell’s Paradise manga has a surprisingly perfect ending. Here’s what happens at the end of the series.

Hell’s Paradise is a popular ongoing Shonen series that follows the story of Gabimaru the Hollow. The stellar animation, intriguing soundtrack, and varying powers are enough to draw viewers in. 

However, the mysterious island of Shinsenkyo is just as deadly as it is beautiful. The Shogun sends ten criminals on an expedition to acquire the Elixir of Life that can grant him immortality. 

He also assigns one Yamada Asaemon to each criminal. Their search starts with countless characters getting killed in a dangerous place. However, despite all the gory themes and tragedy, Hell’s Paradise surprisingly has one of the most wholesome manga endings in the Shonen genre.

How does the Hell’s Paradise manga end?

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The manga is only 127 chapters long, but it thoroughly explores all the characters and their backstories. The expedition to find the Elixir was just a wild goose chase. There was no source of immortality, to begin with. And yet, the Shogun was selfish enough to sacrifice countless lives for his greed. 

In the end, Gabimaru and his team do find the so-called Elixir of Life, but there’s a catch. Only one criminal will be pardoned, but they acquire it with the combined efforts of Gabimaru, Yuzuriha, Tamiya Gantetsusai, Nurugai, and even the Yamada Asaemon. 

They all agree that Gantetsusai will take credit for it while the other two will live the rest of their lives hiding their identities. As for the Elixir, those who consume it will be turned into trees – just the Hoko people. 

However, Jikka, a high-ranking Yamada Asaemon, manipulates the Shogun’s subject into believing that trees live for centuries. He further adds that if the Shogun were to consume it, he would act as a symbol for his people, overlooking them for eternity. 

In the end, all the surviving characters each go their own way, but the bonds they share still remain. Sagriri and Yuzuriha also visit Gabimaru and Yui at their home. The other characters carry on with new lives, happier than ever. 

What makes the Hell’s Paradise ending so perfect?

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The manga ending of Hell’s Paradise explores the new lives of the characters where every surviving character gets their own version of a happy ending.

Characters such as Chobei, Gui Fa, Ju Fa, and Tao Fa aren’t necessarily evil but can be considered antagonists because of their actions. However, they get a second chance at life with the miracle of Tao.

Chobei loses his human self, but his life is spared because of the transition by Arborification. He and Toma move to Hong Kong and terrorize the underworld. Tamiya opens a dojo that specializes in medicine and swordsmanship to honour Fuichi’s memory.

Gui Fa lives with Mei, and decades after the entire ordeal, they find a new way to revive Ju Fa and Tao Fa. Moreover, Shion leaves the Yamada Clan and moves far away with Nurugai. The Village Chief turns into a tree by forcibly swallowing the Elixir for betraying the Shogun.

With this, Gabimaru and Yui from him, and they continue to live together. Yui appears later in the series, hinting that Yuzuriha’s doubt of her being imaginary must be true. However, Yui is real, and she’s the same as Gabimaru’s memories.

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