Hell’s Paradise: The truth behind the Iwagakure Chief’s immortality

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An image of the Village Chief of Iwagakure in Hell's Paradise

Many doubt if the Elixir of Life exists in Hell’s Paradise, except Gabimaru, who believes the Iwagakure Chief to be immortal. Here’s why the village chief can survive several brutal attacks, even those that pierce his skull. 

Hell’s Paradise is often considered to be one of the dark trio of the Shonen series. The story follows an elite Shinobi assassin Gabimaru the Hollow, from the village of Iwagakure. He was raised by the Iwagakure Chief and experienced hellish training to become unparalleled in terms of skill.

Though he is only shown in flashbacks, the Iwagakure Chief has a significant role to play in Hell’s Paradise. He trains Gabimaru to be an emotionless killing machine. He boasts about his “immortality” by getting his skull pierced. 

This fact is the only hope Gabimaru has of succeeding before coming to the island of Shinsenkyo. Even the Yamada Asaemon who are sent to the mission think of it as a wild goose chase. However, the Iwagakure Chief is hiding a devious scheme behind his immortality.

What is the secret to Iwagakure Chief’s immortality in Hell’s Paradise?

An image of the Village Chief claiming his immortality in Hell's Paradise

The Iwagakure Chief is a master of Genjutsu as he is able to create illusions of himself getting hurt and smiling through those injuries. He manages to fool his people, including Gabimaru, into believing that he is immortal. 

Moreover, he claims that he could heal from mortal wounds on the spot after supposedly consuming the Elixir of Life he bought from a merchant. This story was fabricated as a measure against his people, ensuring they fear him enough to never oppose him anyway.

The befitting fate of the Iwagakure Chief

The Iwagakure Chief is truly an evil person, way more than the condemned criminals. He orphans a child to make him into a human weapon. He destroys his daughter’s wish to see the world by giving her a scar which makes her unable to show her face outside. Once he deems Gabimaru no longer useful to him, he tricks him into getting captured so he can be put to death.

The Iwagakure Chief will accept the Shogun’s request to join the expedition to search for the Elixir of Life. However, his true goal is to make one of his Shinobi eliminate Gabimaru and claim that title for himself. This scheme is discovered in the series, which is considered treason toward the Shogun. 

He is put on death row for his various crimes. However, before getting executed, the Iwagakure Chief is forced to consume the acquired Elixir of Life to test its effects. Turns out that instead of granting immortality, it transformed the Iwagakure Chief into a tree. This again proves that the story about him being immortal is false.

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