Hell’s Paradise: Gabimaru’s powers and abilities explained

An image of Gabimaru, the protagonist of Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

Gabimaru, the protagonist of Hell’s Paradise, has unparalleled powers and skills and has been through hellish training to reach that level. Here’s an explanation of his powers and various abilities.

Hell’s Paradise is an ongoing shonen anime series popular for its dark and gory themes. The series follows, Gabimaru the Hollow, notorious for his exceptional powers and abilities. Although he claims to have no attachment to life, Gabimaru resists the idea of dying. 

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He refuses to accept that the reason he wants to live is to return to his wife. Therefore, in the face of his execution, Gabimaru has no choice but to accept a deal from his executioner, Asaemon, to join an expedition in search of the elixir of life. 

Should the mission succeed, Gabimaru’s crimes will be pardoned. However, the quest is full of dangers and mysterious enemies. The series follows Gabimaru as his powers start being revealed one by one, and fans realise why he’s worthy of his title.

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Gabimaru’s Ninjutsu in Hell’s Paradise has a wide variety of techniques


As an elite shinobi assassin, Gabimaru’s Ninjutsu contributes massively to his powers. In Hell’s Paradise, Ninjutsu is shinobi’s superhuman power and primary fighting method. Gabimaru is capable of performing various levels of Ninjutsu that mostly focus on his use of flames to create significant burns to his targets. 

In addition to the ability to create flames, he also possesses a high resistance to the said element, which is demonstrated during his many execution sentences. He survives being set on fire and only sufferers minor burns to his body. He also survives being boiled alive, lasting long enough for the pot he was in to collapse due to the extreme heat. 

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Gabimaru’s signature Ninpo is called “Ninpo” Hiboshi,” which literally translates to “Ninja Art: Fire Monk.” He can set himself on fire by boosting his body temperature and igniting the oil in his skin. Gabimaru can also engulf and incinerate his opponents using this technique. 

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Gabimaru’s powers in Hell’s Paradise originate from his Tao

Tao is the life energy found in all living and non-living things. It can be manifested and utilized to develop the being’s varied skills. Tao, when properly learned, can grant powers comparable to those of gods. Judging from Gabimaru’s powers, it is easy to figure out that he possesses the fire-attribute Tao. 

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Gabimaru gains a greater understanding of Tao’s usage with additional training. After mastering the skill further, he can detect the presence of individuals as well as the layout of his environment. Gabimaru’s abilities grow significantly when he combines his Tao and Ninpo skills. 

He can also read his opponent’s intentions and pinpoint their weak points. On top of detecting other people’s presence, he can also conceal his own existence to prevent others from doing the same. 

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