Hell’s Paradise: The various monsters of Shinsenkyo, Doshi

An image of Centipede Doshi from Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

In Hell’s Paradise, there are monsters known as “Doshi.” The already dangerous ordeal becomes much more difficult with the appearance of each deadly creature.

Hell’s Paradise is a popular Shonen anime series with dark and gory themes. Gabimaru the Hollow, known for his extraordinary skills and abilities, is the series’ protagonist. Despite claiming to have no attachment to life, he opposes the idea of dying. 

When faced with several executions, he resists death subconsciously and then claims to have done it unintentionally. He also refuses to realise that the only reason he wants to live is to see his wife, Yui, again. When he hears about Yui shutting herself in and waiting for him, he desires nothing more than to see her again. 

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As a result, Gabimaru has no choice but to accept a contract from his executioner, Asaemon, to join an expedition in search of the elixir of life. If the expedition is successful, Gabimaru’s crimes will be pardoned. However, the quest is full of peril and unknown foes. 

What is a Doshi in Hell’s Paradise?

An image of the Butterfly Doshi from Hell's Paradise

A Doshi is a monster who lives to serve Lord Tensen either as a student, servant, or military force. “Doshi” is a term used for only low-ranking Sennin (immortal beings). These monsters originate from Sinsenkyo and have the ability to use Tao.

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A Doshi must go through the arduous Five Training Methods of Immortality under the guidance of a higher-ranking Tensens. They have committed their fealty to Lord Tensen and have concentrated on their Tao training at Horai. 

If they get the better of them, they are more likely to hand up information or back their enemies. The Doshi, like Tensen ovules, have a heart-like organ within their tandens that would perish if damaged.

Types of Doshi in Shinsenkyo

An image of Gabimaru's team fighting Doshi in Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

The Butterfly Doshi

This creature is tasked with observing humans that arrive in Shinsenkyo. Its name comes from its butterfly-like appearance. It possesses excellent combat abilities, as seen by its ability to defeat Gabimaru and Gantetsusai. It uses Tao to release invisible projectiles for long-range attacks.

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The Centipede Doshi

This is another Doshi assigned to the same duty of observing humans arriving in Shinsenkyo. Its look includes a centipede-like top section at its head, while the rest of its body appears human, with exoskeleton traces on its limbs. By wrapping the Paradise Centipedes around its body, it can transform into a far stronger monster.

The Tentacle Doshi

There’s also the Tentacle Doshi, Lord Tensen’s stronger and higher-ranking disciple. Its primary duty is to keep an eye on Aza Chobei and Toma in the pit while they transform into Tan. Tentacle Doshi is a formidable combatant, able to match Chobei in speed and strength. It possesses Tao mastery, allowing it to wrap its body in it to increase its physical strength. 

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The Lettuce Doshi

Finally, there’s the Lettuce Doshi, a being entrusted with preventing individuals from entering Shinsenkyo. Despite its loyalty to Lord Tensen, it is too ambitious, intending to earn the rank of Chisen by offering Shugen’s head as a gift to Lord Tensen. It is proficient at using Tao, as seen in its battle with Shugen.

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