Hell’s Paradise: Here’s why Gabimaru won’t die

An image of Gabimaru using Ninjutsu in Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

Hell’s Paradise begins with the execution of a young, white-haired boy who is soon revealed to be Gabimaru the Hollow. As an elite shinobi, he survives every execution trial. But there’s more to it than that.

Hell’s Paradise is a popular shonen anime series that follows, Gabimaru the Hollow, who is infamous for his exceptional powers and abilities. Although he claims to have no attachment to life, Gabimaru resists the idea of dying. The first episode of the series features various execution methods used on Gabirmaru, all of which he survives easily. 

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He claims to have done it unintentionally, but it is soon revealed to be false as the one bearing the name of “Hollow,” Gabimaru is supposed to be devoid of any emotions. Therefore, he refuses to accept that the reason he wants to live is to return to his wife. 

Finally, in the face of his execution, he has no choice but to accept a deal from his executioner, Asaemon, to join an expedition in search of the elixir of life. Should the mission succeed, Gabimaru’s crimes will be pardoned, and he will be able to return home. However, simply wanting to live isn’t the main reason Gabimaru refuses to die.

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Gabimaru’s powers don’t allow him to die


In the first episode, after his execution from beheading fails, Gabimaru questions himself, “Why is it that I can’t die, or rather I won’t die.” The difference between can’t and won’t is the key to understanding his true nature. Gabimaru changes his question from can’t to won’t, signifying his lack of will to die. Even then, he tries to fool himself and others into believing he is invincible enough to unintentionally survive those brutal executions. 

However, for each method of execution, he has a countermeasure. As an elite shinobi, Gabimaru has superhuman skills. He survives the beheading by hardening the muscles on his neck. As for the bulls, he simply uses enough strength in his legs to restrain them. He survives the same way from the spear. Because of his high resistance to heat, he cannot die from being burned or boiled. He has the fire attribute of Tao; therefore, his Ninjutsu also primarily has flame-related techniques. 

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Someone who can create and control fire simply cannot be burned alive that easily. When he tells Sagiri that he doesn’t even have to use Ninjutsu to survive the execution, he isn’t lying. Compared to the superhuman strength of the protagonist, these execution methods seem more like child’s play. That said, his body isn’t impenetrable if he isn’t on guard. Therefore, if he truly does want to die, then any menial method would work against him.

Gabimaru’s reason for living in Hell’s Paradise is Yui

An image of Gabimaru and Yui from Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

As someone considered a monster and abandoned by the entire world, Gabimaru tries to protect himself by shedding all emotions. But the one who softens his heart is his wife, Yui, the daughter of the Village Chief. He doesn’t realize himself when he genuinely starts caring for her enough to continue living his desolate life. 

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Before getting betrayed and captured, Gabimaru requests the Village Chief to allow him and Yui to live normal lives that don’t require him to kill. Unbeknownst to him, his plea is rejected, and he finds himself in the face of death. 

Torn between his role as a Hollow and his love for Yui, he doesn’t know what to do. The one who helps him is Sagiri when she tells him about Yui. When Gabimaru learns that Yui has shut herself in waiting for him, he finally makes up his mind. Gabimaru decides to take on the challenge of finding the Elixir of Life and reuniting with Yui.

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