One Piece’s chapter 1086 reveals the names of Gorosei

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An image of Gorosei in One Piece human form

Gorosei was introduced in One Piece over 20 years ago, and it was only recently that the series revealed the names of all the members. Although the Five Elders are still shrouded in mysteries, fans are at least one step closer to knowing more about them.

The ruling organization in the world of One Piece – the World Government – officially has five leaders known as Gorosei instead of one ruler. Gorosei is a group of five Celestial Dragons who oversee the Marines and every matter within the allied nations.

They are also responsible for dealing with criminals that threaten the authority of the World Government. Despite being Celestial Dragons, they don’t wear the usual attire or bubbles to cover their faces.

Furthermore, they have been hiding Imu’s existence for all these years. Gorosei also respects and blindly follows Imu’s orders, even if it’s to destroy an island. Delve deeper to find out the names of Gorosei revealed in One Piece.

One Piece’s chapter 1086 reveals the names of all five Gorosei

A panel from the One Piece revealing the names of Gorosei

Gorosei translates to the “Five Elder Planets.” It was previously translated as “Five Elder Stars” because of one character having the meaning “star.” However, it can also mean “celestial bodies” like planets. Therefore, the title changed because the Gorosei has names associated with celestial bodies.

Each Gorosei is referred to as a “Warrior God” and specializes in one field. During Luffy’s devil fruit awakening, fans learn the name of one of the elders, Saint Jay Garcia Saturn. He is a bearded man with a large scar on his eyebrow. Saturn is the Defence Science Warrior God.

The long-haired member with an enormous moustache is Saint Markus Mars. He is the Environmental Warrior God. The half-bald elder with a scar in the middle of his forehead is the Justice Warrior God, Topman Valcurie. 

Furthermore, the bald elder wearing glasses and carrying a sword is the Finance Warrior God, Ethan Baron V. Nusjuro. Lastly, the youngest-looking elder with short, blonde hair is the Agriculture Warrior God, Shepard Ju Peter. All their names are somewhat associated with planets, except Topman Valcurie. The name Valcurie is possibly derived from “Valkyrie” female warriors in Norse mythology.

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