One Piece: Who is the SWORD member Prince Grus?

Tulisha srivastava
A panel from One Piece manga featuring Prince Grus

Among the countless side characters in One Piece, Prince Grus recently caught fans because of his mysterious power and repetitive appearances.

One Piece is a popular Shonen series that follows the tale of a young pirate aspiring to become the Pirate King. The expansive worldbuilding of One Piece introduces hundreds of characters that are easy to forget. From Gin to Lola, countless characters appeared and vanished over time.

Prince Grus from One Piece is one of those recurring characters who didn’t seem important after his debut. He first made his appearance on the cover of chapter 966, which was released in December 2019.

Grus is recently revealed to be a SWORD member, a Marine Headquarters Secret Special Force. The members have all formally resigned themselves from the actual command structure of the organization but still operate on its behalf.

Prince Grus from One Piece is a SWORD member invading Hachinosu

The cover image of One Piece chapter 966

Prince Grus is a Rear Admiral in the Marine Corps stationed at Marine Base G-14. He is also a SWORD member invading Hacinosu along with Garp. Grus first appears as a brief antagonist in “Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family Cover Page Serial. During the Egghead Arc, he makes his official debut in the main series.

He has the power of the Glurp-Glurp Fruit, which allows him to create and control clay. The user can generate and mold clay from their body into different shapes. The class of the devil fruit is currently unknown. 

Helmeppo and Hibari approach Prince Grus to invade Hachinosu in One Piece. They attempt to have Grus join their mission to rescue Koby, who Marshall D. Teach has recently kidnaped. However, Grus doesn’t hesitate to decline the request considering Drake’s status is unknown. Not only that, but he also refuses to deploy the Seraphim to protect one of his own.

Eventually, Prince Grus and his fellow SWORD members join Monkey D. Garp to invade the base of Blackbeard Pirates from One Piece. He later observes Koby approaching the battleship, revealing his envy towards Koby’s status as “Hero of the Navy.” He swears that he won’t let Koby get ahead of him. That said, Grus doesn’t appear to be an evil person. Instead, he is only competitive toward his junior.

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