One Piece: Shanks may not be related to the Figarland family

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An Image of Red-Haired Shanks From One Piece

Since Saint Garling’s introduction, fans have been trying to connect Shanks and the Figarland family line. However, even though the Reverie flashback has revealed the identity of the Supreme Commander of God’s Knights, it may not have anything to do with Shanks.

One Piece recently revealed the existence of God’s Knights, who are a real threat to the Revolutionary Army. Its Supreme Commander, Saint Garling Figarland, is the former ruler of God Valley. After the mysterious disappearance of the island, Garling came to Marie Joise. 

His authority is even higher than the Celestial Dragons, considering he sentenced one to death for protecting the rebels. Furthermore, knowing that Roger and Rayleigh found Shanks inside a treasure chest in God Valley, fans seem eager for the two to have some connection.

Since they found Shanks as an infant, no one knows about Yonko’s background. Although it’s a fairly valid theory for Shanks to be related to the Figarland Family, we have reason to believe that this speculation will not prove to be correct.

Why is Shanks less likely to have any connection to the Figarland family?

Shanks was hidden inside a treasure chest and then raised by Roger and his crew. He later became a Yonko and seemed to have some connection with Gorosei. He has access to Marie Joise, which not even most of the high-ranking Marines have. 

Considering Shanks’ history, all clues so far point to him being related to the royal Figarland family of God’s Valley. However, in One Piece Film: Red, Gorosei plans a strategy to stop Uta and her crazy plan of mass murder. They decide it’s only best to eliminate such a threat.

Therefore, despite being Shanks’ daughter, Uta becomes a target for the World Government. However, Gorosei hesitated for a second before giving out the order since she was from the Figarland bloodline.

It didn’t seem like they were speculating about her heritage. Rather, they were fairly sure that Uta belonged to the royal bloodline of God’s Valley. If the Five Elder Planets are sure of it, then there’s no way Shanks has any connection to the Figarland family since Uta is his adopted daughter. 

It’s still difficult to surmise what will happen in the series and Shanks’ role in it all. However, for now, we can be almost certain that Shanks being related to Saint Garling is simply another theory that will never come true.

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