One Piece fans think this character deserves their own series

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While One Piece fans love the Straw Hats, they also think this character deserves an entire series of their own.

One Piece fans have been discussing which side character of the series could have the potential to become the main character. With so many amazing and well-written characters, the amount of choices is anything but sparse.

Popular characters like Ace, Law, Mihawk, Doflamingo, Whitebeard, Yamato, and Hancock have huge amounts of support from the One Piece fandom, with many wish for them to get their own series or at least a one-shot.

However, it’s Red Hair Shanks who got the most votes from fans. The ever mysterious Yonko rarely appears in the story. But when he does, he makes sure to command the utmost attention from other characters and the viewers watching him.

The One Piece fandom also thinks Shanks should get a series as the main character. With his connection to both Roger and Luffy, and his influence on both pirates and the World Government, having Shanks as the protagonist would almost guarantee an amazing series.

As a character, Shanks is a top-tier choice for a protagonist. He has a cheerful and carefree personality, but he’s also incredibly powerful and one of the strongest characters in the series. His past is a mystery and his parentage is the subject of much speculation.

The series about Shanks could give the viewers a glimpse into his career as a pirate after Roger was executed. How he gets to the point of becoming a Yonko alongside legends like Whitebeard from a young man whose previous crew was disbanded will be very interesting to see.

Another storyline that would contribute greatly to Shanks’ series is his encounter with Blackbeard that gave him the scars over his eyes. Shanks’ rivalry with Mihawk would also be an amazing addition to the series.

“Shanks. He’s basically the luffy of his generation and his crew is really fun and creative,” writes one user on Reddit.

“Other people wanted to have a Shanks story to see prime Gol D Roger. I want to have a Shanks story just to see him goofing around with Buggy,” Another user shares their view on the Shanks’ series.

“Most deserving: Whitebeard. My pick: Shanks (we can see Prime Roger and crew in action). Realistically: Yamato,” says another.

It’d be quite intriguing to get different series for a different One Piece character. And if the character is Shanks, that’s all the more amazing. But if it does come true is yet to be seen. While Shanks’ series seems quite far away, we have plenty of One Piece content to immerse yourself in. Find out how much of One Piece is filler and who has the highest bounty in One Piece.

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