Netflix’s One Piece trailer breakdown: The East Blue Saga explained

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Netflix One Piece live-action Season 2

One Piece Day 2023 revealed the full trailer of Netflix’s live-action adaptation just a month before its release date. Here’s a complete breakdown of the trailer and what the East Blue Saga has in store for fans.

Netflix’s One Piece live-action adaptation will cover the first saga from the series, featuring how Luffy’s journey began and how he gathered his crew members. The trailer was recently released on One Piece Day 2023 and is getting many positive reviews.

Netflix will start streaming the first season on August 31, 2023. It’s safe to assume that it’s highly anticipated among anime fans as well as those who are new to the series. The trailer gives a much better idea of how the characters and background look compared to the teaser.

The first season will cover East Blue Saga, the trailer glimpses at every important character, even the minor ones. Here’s a complete trailer breakdown of Netflix’s One Piece live-action adaptation.

The trailer begins with Gol D. Roger’s execution

A still from One Piece live-action trailer

The moment that completely changed the world and started the Great Pirate Era was the Pirate King’s execution. Roger unleashed major waves in the world and continues to do so even decades after his death.

Moments before dying, he reveals the existence of a legendary treasure, One Piece, that contains everything the world has to offer. This happens twenty years before Luffy sets out to the sea. The East Blue Saga features his story in the anime when the Star Hats arrive at Loguetown.

Monkey D. Garp’s debut raises an important question

An image of Garp from Netflix's One Piece

Now the most confusing part is Garp’s presence during Roger’s execution. Garp debuts the in the Arabasta Saga of the anime, the second saga of the series. It is possible that Vice Admiral Garp only appears during the execution flashback rather than the main storyline. However, another issue is that none of the Vice Admirals or Admirals were present during Roger’s execution. 

Although Roger had surrendered and allowed Garp to capture him, even he wasn’t there to witness the execution. But considering Roger’s influence and the Marines’ duty, it only makes sense for the higher-ups to be there. This is something anime fans would have overlooked if not for the live-action adaptation.

The trailer explores Luffy’s reasons for being a pirate

An image of Luffy from Netflix live action adaptation

Pirates are considered criminals, with Marine officers always on their backs. It doesn’t matter if the person in question harmed or looted innocent people. Just the mere act of setting sail on their own is considered preposterous by the World Government. However, some still crave adventure and want to see the entire world. 

One such person is Luffy, who wants to claim Roger’s treasure and his title of Pirate King. In Netflix’s One Piece trailer, Luffy explains the reason he thinks being a pirate is so amazing despite the challenges he has to face during his voyage.

The barrel stranded in the middle of the ocean

A still from One Piece live-action trailer

Netflix’s One Piece live-action trailer briefly glimpses a barrel stranded in the middle of the ocean. No one would expect the series’ protagonist to come out from the same barrel. Luffy sets sail alone on a small boat in hopes of gathering a crew and also a ship. 

However, his boat gets destroyed by a whirlpool, and he is left trapped at sea in a barrel. Viewers can expect the live-action to be introduced Luffy in the same way. After getting out of the barrel, he will also meet Koby and save the latter from the notorious Captain Alvida.

Introduction to the Grand Line and why it’s dangerous

An image of Nami from One Piece live-action trailer

All pirates aspiring to search for the treasure must set out the Grand Line, and the Straw Hats are no exception. In the trailer, Nami describes the Grand Line as a “treacherous stretch of ocean with bigger islands and pirates.” 

It gives an idea of what the Straw Hats are up against as they journey to the world. The Grand Line is an ocean route that wraps around the entire world. However, the live-action series will feature the Straw Hats entering the Grand Line at the very end since that’s how the East Blue Saga concludes.

The highly anticipated Mihawk vs. Zoro

An image of Mihawk from One Piece live-action

The moment that strengthened Zoro’s resolve and his loyalty to Luffy was this fight. Zoro’s dream is to become the world’s strongest swordsman, which is why he sets out to sea in the first place. Zoro faces a humiliating defeat against Mihawk, the one currently holding that title. 

Therefore, he promises Luffy never to lose in a fight again until he achieves his dream. He says the future Pirate King only deserves to have the best in his crew. Nonetheless, the live-action will feature this game-changing duel in all its glory.

The never-ending rivalry between Zoro and Sanji

An image of Zoro and Sanji from Netflix's One Piece

Netflix’s One Piece live-action has made several changes to suit the older audience, but it’s good to see that at least the relationship between Zoro and Sanji stays the same. They’re both the two strongest crew members after Luffy. However, despite their importance in the crew, the two never see eye to eye ever since the beginning. 

It may be because they’re similar in age and have a strong rivalry, but their bickering always disrupts the peace of the crew. Nonetheless, they both pull it together when it matters and are actually well-coordinated when they team up for a battle.

Luffy vs. Arlong is the season’s most iconic fight

A still from One Piece trailer featuring Luffy and Arlong

As a no-name pirate, Luffy going against the notorious Arlong Pirates would look like a suicide mission to anyone. Not only is Arlong the strongest pirate in the East Blue, but he also belongs to the Fish-Men race, who are several times stronger than any average human. 

However, for Nami’s sake, Luffy doesn’t hesitate to fight the monstrous pirate and even win against him. The fight is the highlight of the saga as it helps Luffy make a name for himself in the world. The live-action trailer glimpses at the fight where the Fish-Man looks more menacing than ever.

Nami wearing Luffy’s straw hat

An image of Nami wearing Luffy's straw hat in One Piece live-action like anime

Luffy putting his straw hat on Nami remains the duo’s best moment to this date. The scene holds a much deeper meaning than it appears. Luffy treasures his straw hat more than his life. However, when he sees Nami struggling and breaking down because of what Arlong did to her, the young pirate lets her borrow his treasure to comfort her. 

He also agrees to her request to help her since she’s his friend. What follows after is the epic battle between Luffy and Arlong. The battle and Luffy’s miraculous victory prove that he would go to any lengths for his friends.

Luffy and Koby discussing bounties

An image of Luffy and Koby from One Piece trailer

For any pirate, having a bounty on their head is a testament to their skill. The higher the number, the stronger they are. These bounty posters are scattered all across the world, attracting Marine officers and bounty hunters. However, not all pirates get bounties as soon as they begin their voyage. 

They have at least to pose a threat to the World Government’s authority. Like any pirate, Luffy gets happy every time he sees getting a bigger bounty. In the scene where Luffy and Koby are discussing bounties, the aspiring Pirate King confirms he doesn’t have a price on his head yet. In fact, Luffy will get his first-ever bounty in the first season, and it’s going to be enormous.

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