10 nostalgic anime series fans can rewatch anytime

Tulisha srivastava
Nostalgic anime series

Some anime just enter your heart with their intriguing plot and beautiful setting. Here are ten nostalgic anime series that fans can rewatch anytime.

There’s no denying that modern anime art is much more detailed and clearer compared to the older ones. However, the new series still lacks the charm of all time-classics. Anime is different in every era, and it always makes viewers feel nostalgic.

Back when anime wasn’t as easily accessible as today, fans would rely on their selected TV networks or DVD box sets. Millennials have a special memory attached to at least one of the Toonami series, while the Gen Zs grew up in the golden era of Shonen. 

Nonetheless, each show has something different to offer. The old series always evoke nostalgic emotions no matter how many you watch them. Here are ten nostalgic anime series that are sure to take you down memory lane.

1. Pokémon

pokemon ultimate journeys ash header

Pokémon is a series that grew with us. From the time Ash’s adventures began to the very end, the series had something new to offer. For over two decades, the series released several seasons, but none could match the standards of the original series.

The story follows ten-year-old Ash Ketchum, who sets out on a journey to become a Pokemon Master. He gets a Pikachu as his first Pokemon, who couldn’t be the worst possible partner for him. However, after a series of events, they become best friends as Pikachu helps Ash acquire new Pokemons and brings him one step closer to achieving his dreams.

2. Dragon Ball Z

dragon ball z fortnite crossover hinted

There are very few people in the world who wouldn’t have at least heard the name of this Shonen classic. Although there are several series under the banner of Dragon Ball, this one just hits differently. 

Whether it is the ruthless tyrant Frieza or Goku’s first transformation, every moment is nostalgic in this anime series. The story follows Goku, who is now a father of a four-year-old. As the hero takes his son to meet his friends for the first time, an enemy appears who reveals Goku’s shocking past.

3. Astro Boy

Osamu Tezuka has created more than 150k pages of manga, which were adapted into sixty anime series and movies. Every work of his is a masterpiece earning him the title “God of Manga.” One such masterpiece is Astro Boy, one of his most memorable series that people of all ages enjoy despite being marketed toward a young audience.

The story is set in the near future, the year 2003, since it was released in the 1960s. Professor Tenma is unable to get over his son’s tragic death and devotes himself to creating a robot boy Atom, programmed to always do good deeds. But even Tenma cannot create a boy who can grow up, and thus the robot meets new people and ultimately finds his purpose in life after being abandoned.

4. Kochikame

Kochikame is one of the most hilarious and nostalgic anime series. The series couldn’t have been more chaotic as it follows the daily struggles of Kankichi Ryoutsu, an underpaid policeman. He wastes all his money on manga, toys, gambling, and drinking.

After getting broke as soon as he gets his paycheck, Ryoutsu uses underhanded methods for little benefits and ends up paying the price for it. His ridiculous plans always evoke his chief’s fury, and then it’s again back to square one. 

5. Sailor Moon

Nostalgic anime series Sailor Moon

Although there was a Sailor Moon reboot, it couldn’t live up to the original nostalgic anime series. Sailor Moon represents 90s feminism in the most intriguing way. During the golden era of Shonen, this timeless Shoujo swooped in and gathered worldwide popularity and acclaim.

The series follows Usagi Tsukino, a hopeless klutz student whose life suddenly turns upside down after she saves a cat that has a crescent moon on its head. Turns out, the cat she saved, Luna, came to her on purpose. According to Luna, Usagi’s destiny is to become a Sailor Moon, a guardian with the power to protect planet Earth.

6. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis

As one of the nostalgic anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion is considered one of the most influential anime of all time. Its bold attempt at the mecha genre, deep character development, and unconventional storyline quickly captured fans’ hearts.

The story is set fifteen years after a cataclysmic event called the Second Impact. However, the danger is yet to be over as the world faces new monstrous celestial beings called “Angels.” To keep those aliens at bay, a mysterious organization called NERV operates giant humanoid robots called “Evangelion.”

7. Yu Yu Hakusho

Just like Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho employs several anime cliches. Although they may be overdone now, at that time, the story, characters, and fight scenes were really well done. The story follows Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent who dies while trying to save a child’s life.

His sacrifice moved the authorities of the spirit realm, who decided to give him another shot at life. Now, Yusuke needs to complete a series of tasks with the help of the death god Botan. As he investigates cases concerning apparitions and demons, Yusuke comes one step close to getting his life back.

8. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club anime second season

Ouran High School Host Club is a Shoujo classic with a unique theme. The characters have their specific traits and problems they need to overcome. This makes them more relatable and lovable. 

The story follows Haruhi Fujioka, a straight-A student recently enrolled at the prestigious Ouran Academy. After accidentally breaking an expensive vase, which she is unable to pay for, Haruhi is forced to work as a host in the school’s famous Host Club. However, the club only has attractive boys to amuse young girls. 

9. Cowboy Bepop

Any Sci-Fi fan would find themselves attached to this nostalgic anime series. Cowboy Bebop is an all-time classic that is episodic in nature. The story is set in 2071 when humanity has left Earth and expanded across the galaxy. However, the new civilizations have a much higher crime rate than the past.

As the intergalactic outlaws are increasing, they are mostly stopped by powerful bounty hunters. Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are two such hunters, who need to catch criminals to make a living. However, Spike has his own baggage to carry as his past continues to haunt him even to this day.

10. Detective Conan

Long-running anime series Detective Conan

One of the longest-running anime series, Detective Conan still has a wide fanbase as it did back in 1996. The series is still ongoing, and fans wouldn’t want it to end, either. This crime investigation series follows Shinichi Kudou, a genius high school student with a knack for detective work.

He is well known for solving several challenging cases. However, he finds his life turned upside down when he is suddenly transformed into a child due to an experimental drug. Being in the body of a seven-year-old doesn’t stop Shinichi from doing his work as he continues the investigations and also tries to find a way to get his body back to its original state.

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