One Piece Chapter 1120 gives another Zoro fight a disappointing end

Anamika Das

Zoro fans are going to be disappointed once again as One Piece Chapter 1120 reveals another dissatisfying end to his most recent fight.

One Piece has always given Zoro appropriate time to shine. However, the Egghead Arc is straying away from this trend by giving every one of his fights subpar endings.

As one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro gets a lot of attention from readers. The series doesn’t shy away from giving him powerful opponents, leading to some of the most hyped fights in the franchise to date.

So far in the Egghead Arc, Zoro has already fought significant enemies like the Seraphim, Kaku, and Lucci. His most recent – and important – fight was against Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro. One of the Gorosei, Nusjuro is undoubtedly Zoro’s strongest opponent so far.

Another reason Zoro vs. Nusjuro was so hyped is because both are swordsmen. Likewise, there could be a deeper connection between the two, given Nusjuro’s attire and his Kitetsu sword. 

However, their battle turns out to be another disappointment in One Piece Chapter 1120. The spoilers reveal Atlas grabbing Nusjuro from the middle of the fight and flying away with the help of her jetpack.

Following this, she detonates herself and Nusjuro to buy enough time for the Straw Hats to set sail with Lilith. By doing this, she makes a heroic sacrifice but also draws an unsatisfactory end to the long-anticipated Zoro vs. Nusjuro fight.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time fans would end up underwhelmed with Zoro’s fights in the Egghead Arc. His battle against Lucci was supposed to be one of the highlights, however the fight was anything but as Jinbei ended up interfering and taking Zoro away.

So far, Zoro hasn’t been able to live up to readers’ expectations in the ongoing arc. But things can change in the future; if not during Egghead Arc, then in the upcoming Elbaf Arc.

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