One Piece Chapter 1117 reveals a strange similarity between Zoro and Nusjuro

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One Piece Zoro

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1117 features the most highly-anticipated fight as it reveals a strange similarity between Zoro and Nusjuro.

The Egghead Island Arc in One Piece is about to reach its conclusion as Gorosei finds out the location of the transponder snail. Vegapunk fools them several times by hiding its location so Gorosei won’t stop the broadcast prematurely.

However, Chapter 1116 reveals that the Iron Giant is hiding the transponder snail and it’s also heading toward Gorsei. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1117!

While Gorosei plans to stop the broadcast and destroy the Thousand Sunny, the upcoming One Piece chapter features the highly anticipated fight between Zoro and Nusjuro. The series doesn’t show for several weeks after his fight with Jimbei.

In Chapter 1117, we see the frontier dome barrier is about to shut down, so Nami’s group is ready to set sail. Just when Nusjuro is about to slash the crew’s ship, Zoro and Jimbei stop him. The powerful impact during the sword clash between Zoro and Nusjuro creates black lightning and fire.

However, Zoro calls Nusjuro’s blade Kitetsu. As we all know, Zoro has a cursed sword since the Logutown Arc. It’s the only sword he has managed to keep for so long. Kitetsu is believed to kill their wielder because of the curse.

“I 100% agree that this is a Kitetsu. This is a Zoro fight written all over it,” one fan posted on X/Twitter, with a second agreeing “He is just keeping that Sword for Zoro. Zoro will kick his ass and take that sword for his final fight with Mihawk.”

However, a third weighed in “Honestly if Zoro can’t kill Kaido what does it matter? The swords no longer have any meaning. Just a bunch of hype. They’ve done nothing impressive in battle.”

The series has yet to reveal more about the sword, but it’s certain Oda has major plans for Zoro yet again. Zoro recognizes that the energy emitting from Nusjuro’s sword is the same as his Kitetsu blade. Nusjuro’s plan to stop the crew fails as they prepare for their escape.

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