Deku’s new look in My Hero Academia compared to two other “garbage” main character changes

Anamika Das
Deku in My Hero Academia Season 7 poster

My Hero Academia Chapter 424 gives its protagonist a revamped appearance. But fans are not fond of Deku’s new look and are comparing with the same “garbage” change of two other main characters.

My Hero Academia is very close to ending as the manga finally wraps up the Final War Arc. However, the manga is yet to reach the last chapter as author Kohei Horikoshi reveals there’s more to come in the epilogue before the proper My Hero Academia ending.

From My Hero Academia Chapter 424, the epilogue and last part of the series begins. The chapter reveals what happens to our heroes after the war, including hinting at Bakugo’s grim future and completing his redemption arc. It also confirms Shigaraki’s fate.

Another reveal Chapter 424 makes is Deku’s new look. After suffering so many injuries, including some serious ones on his head, the aspiring hero now has a completely altered appearance. He now has two gnarly scars of his face, thanks to his many wounds.

In the last page of the chapter, Deku is seen with his new hairstyle where a part of his head is shaved, giving him a more punk-like look. Though the reason behind this haircut is understandable as the doctors had to shave part of his head for his surgeries, readers are still highly unimpressed with it.

Many fans are now comparing Deku’s new look to Naruto and Ichigo’s final haircut in their respective manga. Like the green-haired hero, both Naruto and Ichigo received a lot of flak from their fans when their final looks were revealed the first time in Naruto and Bleach respectively.

“The holy trinity of garbage mc final cuts,” posts one user on X, comparing Deku with Naruto and Ichigo.

“I know about Naruto, heard about Ichigo, but the f**k happened to Deku?!?” comments another user.

“Streets saying they have the same barbers,” writes a third.

Many are also defending these characters and their looks, particularly Ichigo. As one comments, “The Ichigo disrespect is crazy. I like the cut, he looks just like his dad.”

Naruto has some defenders of his own as a user points out, “Naruto design is perfectly established and that resemble Obito’s hair cut the one who share the same ideology.”

“Deku’s haircut was the result of the war, give my boy the pass,” writes another fan, defending Deku’s new look.

Though there is some outrage about the new appearance of My Hero Academia’s protagonist, it probably isn’t Deku’s final look, as the manga will continue for some time. There’s a chance of Deku being shown with a new haircut as an adult, too, if we get some sort of forward time jump.

While the manga is at its epilogue, the superhero anime is finally entering the Final War Arc in Season 7 Episode 5. To know more, find out is My Hero Academia Season 7 is streaming and if My Hero Academia Season 7 is the final season. You might also like our list of the best Quirks stolen by All For One.