Bleach: Why did Yhwach call Ichigo his son born in the dark?

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Bleach TYBW arc not only reveals Ichigo’s lineage as a half-Quincy, but Yhwach also calls him his “son born in the dark.” Though Ichigo is the son of Masaki and Isshin Kurosaki, he can also be considered Yhwach’s son.

The central focus of Bleach is showcasing various kinds of powers across races, all of which come from one source – the spirit energy. However, even in a supernatural world like this, Ichigo still remains the oddball among everyone. He has the powers of a Soul Reaper, Hollow, and Fullbring.

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If that’s not enough, the final arc reveals he is half-Quincy, meaning he can use the abilities of a Quincy as well. Ichigo being a half-Quincy, is a major plot twist and changes the course of the story massively. During the First Quincy Invasion, Ichigo survives against Yhwach attack by subconsciously activating his “Blut Vene.”

After witnessing a familiar power, Yhwach tells Ichigo about his mother. At that moment, Yhwach calls Ichigo his “son born in the dark” before leaving for Silbern. Although it is a casual statement from Yhwach, it actually has a deeper meaning than fans realize.

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How are Ichigo and Yhwach Related?

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The series has never hinted that Isshin Kurosaki isn’t Ichigo’s father. Both have Soul Reaper powers and are exceptionally talented. Not only that, members of the Shiba clan (Isshin’s clan) bear a resemblance to Ichigo.

Nonetheless, Based on the fact that Yhwach is referred to as the “Father of All Quincies,” he is definitely related to Ichigo. All Quincies have Yhwach’s blood running through their veins. However, practically Ichigo and Yhwach are no more than strangers. Furthermore, Ichigo is only a half-Quincy, which means he is not a direct descendant of the bloodline.

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What does son born in the dark mean?

Despite showing no compassion toward them, Yhwach always refers to his subjects as their sons and daughters. However, referring to Ichigo as someone born in the dark means that Yhwach is unaware of his existence. He is genuinely surprised when Ichigo uses his Blut Vene as a defensive measure against his attack.

Yhwach knows about every Quincy, but because Ichigo is born from a Quincy and a Soul Reaper, that makes it impossible for Yhwach to find out. Not only Ichigo but his sisters Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki can also be considered to have some sort of connection with the mighty Quincy King.

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