My Hero Academia star reveals how they want anime to end, and it’s so wholesome

Anthony McGlynn
Deku in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is in the endgame, with only a few chapters of manga left. One of the biggest stars in the anime spoke to us about how they’d like the final act to go, and it’d be a perfect note to finish on.

The My Hero Academia ending is coming very soon. The manga finishes in August, after returning with Chapter 428, and although the anime has more runway, that’ll be wrapping up in a season or two as well.

We asked Daiki Yamashita, the actor behind Deku, how he wants the franchise to end at Anime Expo 2024. As you might expect from the voice of an icon of superhero anime, his response is cheerful and optimistic.

“This is the fight to bring back everyone’s smile,” he told Dexerto. “What I personally wish, what would be wonderful, is that all of the heroes, including Deku, get all their smiles back. This is the fight to bring everyone’s smile back.”

Things are pretty far away from that in the anime. The fight against Shigaraki and All For One kicked off in My Hero Academia Season 7, and so far, it’s been tough.

Star and Stripe came in to help, but she didn’t last long against the villain. The narrative is pushing towards the inevitable fight of Deku taking on Shigaraki one-on-one, and no spoilers if you haven’t read the manga yet, but that’s a battle for the ages.

My Hero Academia is in the middle of the epilogue right now before we get the final chapter in August. That’s going to be an emotional period, but luckily we have a new movie at the same time. My Hero Academia: You’re Next arrives in October in territories outside Japan.

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