How to watch My Hero Academia in order

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How to watch My Hero Academia in order

It’s been giving us some much needed hope since it premiered in 2016, but now that we’re heading into the final saga, how should you watch My Hero Academia in order? Here’s the whole My Hero Academia timeline explained.

It was clear as soon as Midoriya was introduced, My Hero Academia was a special anime show. The notion of wanting to be a superhero is something we can all aspire to, and watching Midoriya go from powerless to one of the most powerful beings in the world has been awe-inspiring.

For close to a decade now, My Hero Academia has been one of the best anime going, especially if you want something to brighten your day. Between the seasons and the anime movies, Kōhei Horikoshi’s manga, and the adaptation by Studio BONES, is full of sugary goodness.

As more and more comes out, between Season 7 and My Hero Academia: You’re Next, starting your own journey might seem tricky. Have no fear, our Quirk is guiding fans to what matters, so here’s a complete guide on watching My Hero Academia in order.

How to watch My Hero Academia in order

The ideal watch order for My Hero Academia mixes regular seasons with the movies and OVAs. Though the films and shorts aren’t necessarily canon or immediately relevant to the story, they do add a lot of small character moments and backstory that enhance your overall viewing.

Here’s the My Hero Academia timeline at a glance:

  • My Hero Academia: All Might: Rising (OVA 3)
  • My Hero Academia Season 1
  • My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training! (OVA 1)
  • My Hero Academia Season 2, Episodes 1-20
  • My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead (OVA 2)
  • My Hero Academia Season 2, Episodes 21-25
  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
  • My Hero Academia Season 3, Episodes 1-14
  • My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training Parts 1 and 2 (OVA 4 and 5)
  • My Hero Academia Season 3, Episodes 15-25
  • My Hero Academia Season 4
  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
  • My Hero Academia Season 5, Episodes 1-18
  • My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball (OVA 7)
  • My Hero Academia: Laugh! As if You Are in Hell (OVA 8)
  • My Hero Academia Season 5, Episodes 19-25
  • My Hero Academia: Departure (OVA 6)
  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission
  • My Hero Academia Season 6
  • My Hero Academia: Memories
  • My Hero Academia Season 7
How to watch My Hero Academia in order

It might seem a little confusing, but it does make sense when you break it down. For instance, All Might: Rising looks at Toshinori becoming the famous hero we know and love years before Miroiya would enter the picture. World Heroes’ Mission has Deku take on the world, in a manner of speaking, when he’s falsely accused of terrorist activity, alongside introducing Rody Soul.

If you want the complete My Hero Academia timeline, this approach gives you everything on every character so far. Honestly, more time with Class 1-A is always a good thing, right?

Do you need to watch all the My Hero Academia movies?

Ultimately, you can skip the three My Hero Academia movies, as their storylines don’t have much impact on the plot between seasons.

But we would advise you shouldn’t, because valuable character building occurs within them.

You can see Deku, Shoto, Dynamight, and their classmates face and overcome awesome challenges in stellar fashion, maturing in the process. They learn more about themselves, each other, and their Quirks, making the movies valuable watching experiences for fans.

Does My Hero Academia have any filler?

Deku in My Hero Academia Season 7

My Hero Academia has four episodes of absolute filler: 39, 58, 64, and 104. You can forgo watching these if you’d rather stick to genuine plot.

My Hero Academia filler episodes by season:

  • Season 3, Episode 1 ‘Game Start’
  • Season 3, Episode 20 ‘Save the World With Love’
  • Season 4, Episode 1 ‘The Scoop on UA Class 1-A’
  • Season 5, Episode 16 ‘Long Time No See, Selkie’

Where can you watch all of My Hero Academia?

How to watch My Hero Academia in order

You can watch every My Hero Academia episode and the first movie, Two Heroes, on Crunchyroll. New episodes are released there weekly as they air in Japan as well, making it the perfect platform for staying up to date.

Finding the other movies is slightly more complicated. In the US, you can only stream Heroes Rising and World Heroes’ Mission on Starz. UK fans can only stream Two Heroes and Heroes Rising on Netflix – World Heroes’ Mission isn’t available on any service in the region yet.

Here’s our guide on when My Hero Academia episode will be released and the manga chapters getting adapted in Season 7. Be sure to check out our list of things you should know before watching My Hero Academia Season 7. If you read manga, you can also check when Chapter 422 will be released.

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