Jujutsu Kaisen: Why couldn’t Geto absorb Toji’s cursed spirit?

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Geto trying to absorb Toji's cursed spirit

As a special-grade Sorcerer, absorbing Toji’s cursed spirit should be an easy task for Geto. However, he fails to do so and loses terribly. Here’s why Geto couldn’t absorb the Inventory Curse.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 features the fight between Toji and Geto, where the former wins too easily. Despite being one of the strongest sorcerers in the world, Geto didn’t stand a chance against the Sorcerer Killer. However, the most confusing part of the battle is how the young Sorcerer is unable to absorb Toji’s Cursed Spirit.

As the user of Cursed Spirit Manipulation, Geto can easily absorb powerful curses that have either surrendered or lost the fight. Additionally, he can control them as he wishes, without any restrictions. However, for low-level curses such as the Inventory Curse, Geto can easily absorb them without any issue.

This ability is so powerful that Geto is given the title of a special-grade Sorcerer, something only four sorcerers have. And yet, while against Toji, Geto is unable to absorb the curse. Delve deeper to find out the reason behind it.

Geto couldn’t absorb Toji’s cursed spirit because of a contract

An image of Toji Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen

Toji has trained his cursed spirit to work according to his commands. This is only possible because the Inventory Curse is a low-level curse, despite having a unique ability. Geto can only absorb independent curses. Because Toji’s cursed spirit is bound by a master-servant relationship, Geto is unable to absorb it.

The only way for him to absorb the curse is by killing Toji. This is the very reason why Geto wanted to kill Yuta Okkutsu in the prequel movie. Since Yuta and Rika were connected by some sort of contract, Geto couldn’t absorb the special-grade apparition without killing him.

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