Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: How did Riko hit Gojo?

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Gojo after getting slapped by Riko in JJK

Gojo’s “Limitless” grants him access to Infinity that blocks all attacks coming toward him. However, despite that, Riko easily hits Gojo in the face. 

The second episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 features the hilarious dynamic of Riko, Gojo, and Geto. The episode begins with an anime-only scene where Geto makes tea in the run-down building while keeping a member of the organization “Q” hostage.

The first five episodes of the latest season will cover Gojo’s Past arc. The recent episode introduces the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai. Contrary to what one would expect after learning about her cruel fate, Riko is a cheerful girl who lives to the fullest.

However, she also faces constant threats to her life, which makes her unable to trust strangers. Therefore, when Riko sees Gojo holding her as soon as she wakes, she slaps him out of instinct. Although the scene is meant to be funny, it holds a much deeper meaning.

Riko can hit Gojo because of two reasons

An image of Riko hitting Gojo

Gojo may be undefeatable in battle now, but that wasn’t always the case. Fans are aware that no matter where the attack comes from, it will never land Gojo. However, that’s because the adult Gojo can use Infinity subconsciously, which he learned a year after his battle with Toji. The first episode of Season 2 features several knives heading toward Gojo’s way, but he stops them nonetheless. 

However, the young Gojo is inexperienced in battle. Being the pride of the legendary Gojo clan, Satoru doesn’t often meet someone who has even a fraction of his skills. Therefore, he cannot defend against an attack he doesn’t know is coming. The second reason Riko can hit Gojo is that the young sorcerer may have subconsciously wanted her to trust them. 

That’s only a speculation, but it makes sense when you think about the speed of Riko’s slap. Riko doesn’t have any skills to speak of. Therefore, Gojo’s Six Eyes can easily detect her intention to harm. Nonetheless, he lets her slap him, making their first encounter somewhat chaotic, but she also begins to trust them.

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