Bleach TYBW Part 2 opening foreshadows a pointless duel

Tulisha srivastava
The key visual of Bleach TYBW Part 2 featuring Ichigo and Uryu

Bleach returns with new episodes and a soundtrack for Part 2. However, the visuals of the opening theme for Bleach TYBW Part 2 foreshadow a pointless duel that has no significance in the story.

The highly-anticipated Bleach TYBW continues as the first episode begins with an eerie visual depiction of Yhwach’s birth and life before becoming the King of Quincies. Fans also learn about Uryu’s betrayal and why he was in Silbern.

To make matters worse, Uryu becomes Yhwach’s successor, much to the Sternritters’ dismay. The reason behind Uryu changing sides is something that the series will reveal later on. Although the key visual hints at Ichigo and Uryu being at odds with one another, the opening theme ensures that there will be a fight between the two.

Ichigo and Uryu are often bickering with one another, but they’re still close friends. Among Ichigo’s friends, Uryu is the only one powerful enough to support him in battle. However, it seems that Bleach TYBW has something else in store for these friends, but the plot twist may not be good. Here’s how Bleach TYBW Part 2 opening foreshadows an unnecessary duel.

Bleach TYBW Part 2 foreshadows the pointless duel between Ichigo and Uryu

A still from Bleach TYBW Part 2 opening

It’s not unusual for anime themes to hint at some parts of the story. Bleach TYBW Part 2’s opening theme finally confirms fans’ doubts about watching a battle between two friends. It’s Uryu against all his friends, especially Ichigo. 

However, is the plot twist really good enough? Bleach doesn’t take long before revealing Uryu’s true intentions of joining the Sternritters. After realizing his mother didn’t die of her illness and was “killed” by the sudden loss of energy after the Auswählen, Uryu planned his revenge by killing Yhwach.

If he can save the world in the process, then that’s all the better. The fight between Ichigo and Uryu was simply a farce from Uryu’s end. In fact, it wasn’t necessary in the story since it didn’t help Uryu keep his Uryu. Ever since he joined the Sternritters, Yhwach has been suspicious of him. Therefore, Uryu fighting his friends to gain the Quincy King’s trust was in vain.

Even from a viewer’s point of view, Uryu’s intention had been clear from the start. Therefore, it didn’t add to the tension of watching friends turn enemies. We can only consider it as a bad plot twist that failed to thrill the viewers. The fight didn’t even last long; therefore, all the hype about Uryu’s and Ichigo’s rivalry cooled down before it even started.

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