Bleach TYBW Episode 20 breaks the internet with Kenpachi’s Shikai reveal

Aparna Ukil
Kenpachi from Bleach

Did we just get the best anime episode of the Bleach franchise? Well, Episode 20 of the ongoing Thousand Year Blood War (TYBW) Arc indeed felt like that, thanks to the fan-favorite Kenpachi.

Bleach TYBW Episode 20 was dropped recently, and fans can’t think of getting a better episode in regards to the animation, fight sequences, and everything else that was offered by the episode. The meteor scene especially became the most talked about thing among Bleach fans, and they’ve started calling it peak fiction.

Moreover, Gremmy Vs. Kenpachi is also trending on social media while also being regarded as the best anime fight of the year. Obviously, it’s all because we finally saw the monster Kenpachi dealing with a worthy opponent.

Kenpachi Zaraki reveals his Shikai for the first time in Bleach TYBW Episode 20

The latest episode of Bleach TYBW showed Gremmy The Visionary’s power, as he could create anyone or anything with his imagination. For instance, in the beginning moments of the episode, we see Kenpachi’s little sidekick Yachiru getting knocked down by Gremmy as he imagines her hands becoming cookies. In the second instance, when Kenpachi jumped in the air, he got captured in a water cube that the powerful Quincy imagined.

Despite being someone without a Bankai, Kenpachi is considered a strong captain who is feared by many. In fact, Gremmy also admits that he hasn’t been so much excited to beat someone in a fight. That’s because he hasn’t come across anyone who he could consider a competition.

Ever since the fight began, Gremmy was continuously shit-talking Kenpachi and was putting him down with his words. However, the Quincy learned about Kenpachi’s potential when the latter sliced off his imagined meteor with ease. That’s when he also revealed his Shikai, i.e., Nozarashi, making his sword appear as an axe that can cut anything disastrous, including a massive meteor.

Besides this, when Kenpachi reveals his Shikai to Gremmy, the imaginative Quincy sees him as a monster, and that becomes the reason for his downfall, leading to his death. However, we also learned that Gremmy’s body was just his brain’s imagination as his brain popped out of his decayed body. Now, let’s wait and see if this is really Gremmy’s downfall or if he will reappear in a new form in the following episodes.

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