One Piece: Will there be a Gear 6?

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Ever since the Enies Lobby arc, Luffy’s power-ups have been labeled as Gears. Now that One Piece has introduced Gear 5, does that mean fans will soon witness Gear 6?

One Piece’s highly anticipated Gear 5 makes its official debut in Episode 1071. The manga had already been introduced in March 2022. However, it took a while to adapt to the transformation in the anime.

After the Wano Country Saga, Luffy has only used this power once. The reason is simple; he just hasn’t had any powerful opponents to fight yet. However, the Final Saga is only beginning, and the young pirate will face stronger enemies than ever. 

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Whether it’s the rest of the Yonko, the World Government, or even Imu, there won’t be any shortage of powerful opponents in the future. As such, is there any chance that there will be a Gear 6 in One Piece?

One Piece will likely feature Gear 6 in the Final Saga

One Piece Gear 5 transformationCrunchyroll

There are endless possibilities in which Luffy can gain strength. He is extremely creative and flexible and adapts to all kinds of situations. He comes up with innovative ways to use his power and calls each form his Gears. From using Gear 2 in Enies Lobby to Gear 5 in Wano, Luffy has come a long way since then. 

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However, the story is far from over. The Straw Hats’ journey in the Final Saga has barely even begun. There are several years left before the series ends. As such, the possibility of Luffy gaining more strength is almost a sure deal. Fans are aware of an impending war that will change the entire world. 

Whether they are pirates, Marines, or even the Revolutionary Army, everyone will be affected by this war. As the protagonist, Luffy will take center stage in all this. Therefore, he will need more power than ever to save his friends and even the world. Sure, Luffy is really powerful now. But his Gear 5 is only good enough to defeat Kaido, who isn’t the final villain. At the very least, the series is sure to introduce new sub-forms of Gear 5, just like there are in Gear 4.

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Although it hasn’t been revealed, it’s likely either Blackbeard or Imu. As such, Luffy will surely continue to get more power-ups in the future. Therefore, it is highly likely that One Piece will feature Gear 6 in the near future. This form will also have some connection to Luffy’s devil fruit awakening and his powers of the Sun God Nika. 

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