The best race for each class in WoW Dragonflight

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WoW Dragonflight has a diverse selection of races and classes, providing players with endless possibilities for character customization. This makes selecting the best race for each class in WoW Dragonflight quite challenging. Here are the best race for each class, including Rogue, Mage, Druid, and many more.

Selecting a class and race for your character in World of Warcraft, whether it’s your primary avatar or an alternate, is a pivotal decision within the MMORPG. Ensuring that your character resonates with your personal vision and aligns with your fantasy is crucial.

While each race’s racial abilities can slightly improve your overall experience of the game, it’s not enough to necessarily push players into one over the other. Often, it can come down to lore reasons and what looks coolest together.

Below, you’ll find a curated list of our recommendations of the best races for each class to help you pick a new toon as you head into WoW Dragonflight.


The best race for each class in WoW Dragonflight

Here, we’ve detailed our top favorite class and race combinations for each class for you to try out in World of Warcraft.

While the Evoker class is missing from this list, however — as the class is limited to the Dracthyr race added in the Dragonflight expansion — if you’re looking for more details on the class, be sure to check out our dedicated Dracthyr Dragonflight guide for details on specializations and more.

Best Rogue race in Dragonflight: Blood Elf

Blood Elf Rogue in Zandalar, crouching while in stealth
Blood Elf females have objectively the best rogue animations.

Rogues are a great class to utilize in a PvE environment. With skills like Shadowstep, Stealth, and Vanish allowing you to quickly hide from foes, or appear in a flash behind them, Rogues are incredibly fun to play. Blood Elves have a racial ability called ‘Arcane Torrent’ that when activated as a Rogue, restores 15 energy (the rogue equivalent of mana) to the player. This can be incredibly useful in a pinch and is a great addition to any Rogue toolkit in a PvE environment.

A 1% boost to critical chance through Arcane Acuity’s racial is also handy, Blood Elf female-presenting characters also have arguably the coolest stealth animations in-game, particularly the crouch, which puts the character into a stalking-like, ready-to-pounce animation.

Best Druid class race in Dragonflight: Worgen

Worgen Druid female and their cat and bear forms
Worgen Druids are a fantastic choice, visually.

With the race already being a ‘shapeshifter’ to a degree, extending this further by playing a Druid makes it one of the best classes for Worgens. With grizzled bear and cat forms, the Werewolf theme is extended into both of these. Druids also have Travel forms, which differ depending upon what you’re traveling across, as well as a Flight Form to escape from danger in a pinch.

Worgen characters have the Running Wild racial which activates their ‘true form’, putting them on all fours and allowing them to zip across the map with a movement speed increase of 200%.

Worgen Druids also fit within the lore, if that’s something you’re looking for, too. In Silverpine Forest, the Gilneas Liberation Front disguised themselves in their Bear Form to confuse the enemy. Following the bears being slain, they would leave behind a Worgen form. With their curse originating in the dream, too, it can be safe to say that Worgens are likely to have an affinity towards the class.

Best Mage Race class in Dragonflight: Undead

An Undead Mage in WoW casting a spell in Zandalar
Undead mages are an obvious choice for caster classes.

Undead mages are one of the coolest classes to utilize in WoW. With the optional bone option for character customization and an emphasis on grungy/rock-based hairstyles, Undead characters look fantastic. Their animations for casting are second to none, and are fantastic for the Venthyr or Necrolord Covenants for those still playing through Shadowlands.

With great mana-restoring racials such as ‘Cannibalize’, they also have the ‘Touch of The Grave’ racial, which adds a chance to drain the target and deal shadow damage while also healing you. It also provides indefinite underwater breathing, and with a mage’s sometimes long casting times, this can come at your aid in a pinch.

Best Race for Shaman class in Dragonflight: Pandaren

Pandaren Shaman with Totems in Zandalar
Shamans’ totems are visually fantastic, too.

With a deep respect for their ancestors, Pandaren are a great choice for Shamans. Respecting and harnessing the elements and utilizing them to further their goal works wonderfully well — it’s a big part of the Shamanistic beliefs and is a great fit. What’s more, the race has strong symbolic associations to it, too.

Pandaren Shamans casting animations are top-notch, too. When casting their basic abilities like Lightning Bolt, wind flurries around the character’s hair, swirling the elemental magic with their hands as they cast.

Their Shaman totems are also incredibly unique, featuring a paw print on the center barrel and a thick red rope, setting them apart from other totems with other races (though we think they’re followed closely behind by the Vulpera).

Best Race for Demon Hunter class in Dragonflight: Night Elf

Demon Hunter Night Elf in The Shattered Abyss
Demon Hunters Night Elves look fantastic, especially alongside the new customization and hair options previously introduced with Shadowlands.

One of the least played classes in World of Warcraft, Night Elf Demon Hunters look incredible. Shadowlands’ extra customization options for races (including the Overwatch-inspired Sombra hair shown above) fit fantastically well with the Demon Hunter aesthetic.

Blood Elves, in comparison, often look too small and can be swamped against the giant Warglaive sizing — something that is mitigated slightly with a Nelf. They look powerful, agile, and have fantastic animations compared to the Blood Elf counterpart. Night Elves’ Silver trim armor looks great against the silver-based jewelry available for the race, too.

A bonus is their racial ability, Shadowmeld, which gives you the ability to slip into the shadows with it, too, reducing the chance of being detected by enemies. As an added bonus, it lasts until it’s either canceled or until movement begins.

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Best Warrior class Race in Dragonflight: Gnome

Warrior class race WoW
Gnomes spin the typical idea of a Warrior on its head, making for a fun class choice.

What’s better than charging into battle as a tank that’s hard to keep track of? While statistically, Gnomes may not be the ultimate choice for a Warrior, their Racial ability, Escape Artist, makes for a perfect pairing — especially if you’re a player who likes PvP.

The powerful, tanky attacks and heroic leaps alongside their diminutive size make this pairing both fun to see and use in many different battle situations.

Best Race for Monk class in Dragonflight: Pandaren

Monk WoW class
Pandaren were created specifically with the Monk class in mind.

When the Pandaren were released back in 2012 alongside the Mists of Pandaria expansion, they brought with it an iconic new role: Monk. Those concerned with lore will feel right at home here choosing this race for the class.

After being cast into slavery and unable to use weaponry, the Pandaren focused on harnessing their Chi and learning to fight without the aid of additional tools.

The Pandaren Racial Ability ‘Quaking Palm’ also lends itself to the mythos of this Race incredibly well, giving you the chance to send the recipient off to sleep for four seconds to give you time to attack, heal, or escape.

Best Warlock class Race in Dragonflight: Troll

Best WoW Warlock class race
Trolls compliment the dark, gothic vibe that the Warlock class gives off.

Pairing the Troll race with Warlocks is a no-brainer. While the Warlock lends itself to a Gothic theme that goes hand-in-hand with the Undead race, the Troll’s equally gothic hairstyles and loud color choices work incredibly well together.

For those more concerned with lore, they need look no further than the blood rituals that Trolls perform. Secondly, the first Troll Warlocks date all the way back to the Zandalari demoniacs. Seeking much more than just ‘owning’ the power, they also want it to completely embody who they are.

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Best Death Knight class Race in Dragonflight: Human

Death Knight WoW Class
The noble Humans of Stormwind are turned on their heads as the powerful, menacing Death Knight.

Want to run as a noble, hardworking Human, but fancy taking them down a different path? Look no further than the Death Knight.

While many Human Death Knights were stalwart fighters and champions prior to their death, they were then forced into servitude by The Lich King. This combination excels in lore, magic, and close combat; wielding terrible dark magic and obliterating unholy powers alongside a rich backstory that adds depth to any character fantasy.

Best Hunter class Race in Dragonflight: Night Elf

WoW Best Hunter class
Night Elves, specifically females, have arguably the best Hunter animations of any race.

Alongside Druids, Hunters are perhaps one of the most synonymous classes that go hand-in-hand with the Night Elves’ mythos and history. Coupled with that are the female Night Elves’ fantastic animations for combat, instantly placing them at the top of the list.

Hunters are highly attuned and connected to Nature and their deity, Elune, with the Beast Mastery specialization allowing you to deepen that bond through the multitude of animals you can tame to accompany you throughout your journey. As mentioned earlier for Demon Hunters, their racial ability, Shadowmeld, allows you to disappear temporarily, making for a perfect escape or a deadly compliment to your lethal arsenal of skills.

While some may consider this combination way too obvious and all too common, the animations on their own give you plenty of reason to roll it.

Best Paladin class Race in Dragonflight: Draenei

WoW Paladin class race
The Draenei and its Allied Race variant, the Lightforged, make for a perfect Paladin.

Whether you’re wanting to play as either the Draenei or their Allied Race, the Lightforged, you’ll find no better fit for Paladins than right here.

As those who vow to protect the Naaru’s viewpoint, the Draenei uphold this selfless stance and look out for their own and others. Enter the Paladin: Shield-toting, armor-clad protectors who do exactly that.

Paladins must reflect the Light in all that they do. As warriors of the Holy Light, they utilize this magic and are able to adopt all three playstyles, from tanking as stalwart protectors, to healing and buffing allies from the side of enemy lines, or opting for a DPS role that can still bless allies to help them out.

Best Priest class Race in Dragonflight: Void Elves

Void Elves priest class race WoW
Void Elves go hand in hand with the Shadow specialization for Priests.

While many classes work well for Priests, our personal favorite is, without a doubt, the Void Elf. Harnessing the elusive, dark powers of the Void, these elves work perfectly with the Shadow specialization available for Priests.

Shadow Priests also harness the powers that this race, too, has learned to control. Embracing the darkness, Shadow Priests are driven mad by staying so close to the Old Gods. Causing pain and suffering to their enemies, they twist and manipulate their foes’ minds to wreak havoc wherever they are.

Void Elves have learned to control the power of the Void and resist madness, making them a powerful choice. Their racial, Preternatural Calm, stops their casting from being interrupted whenever they’re hit — meaning you can continue to heal and deal damage much quicker. Entropic Embrace also increases your healing and damage by 5% for 12 seconds.

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