How to make Gold fast in WoW Dragonflight: Best professions

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Here are the best professions to learn in WoW Dragonflight that will earn you the most amount of Gold with ease, including Herbalism, Mining, Enchanting, Inscription, and Jewelcrafting.

For many WoW players, a new expansion offers the chance to dive back into the beloved MMORPG with new zones to explore and level caps to ding.

However, for some hardcore players of the game, a new expansion provides a perfect opportunity to rake in absurd amounts of Gold. One of the most time-honored ways of making Gold early in the life cycle of a WoW expansion is by way of professions.

Here are the best professions to learn to make money as Dragonflight officially launches.

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Dragonflight has revamped how professions work.

Best professions to make Gold in Dragonflight

While you can theoretically make lots of Gold from any profession, there are a handful that stand out as the real money makers. Let’s get into which ones are the best.


Enchanting is good for a handful of reasons, but the main one is that you won’t have to switch up your playstyle much to reap the rewards. You’ll also be able to enchant your own gear, which is always nice.

You’ll also be able to disenchant weapons and gear which will help you rake in the extra goodies like Resonant Crystal. As you gather extra gear pieces throughout the expansion, you’ll be able to disenchant them, gather valuable materials, and earn Gold.


One of the two gathering professions we have here, Herbalism offers players the chance to make money by refining herbs as well as maxing out their collection of Rousing Essences.

To rank up your Herbalism, make sure to utilize Mastering the Elements in order to gain more Essences along the way.


Mining is the other gathering profession we have listed, and it is a solid way to make Gold by collecting Khaz’gorite Ore.

Make sure to upgrade your Metallurgy tree, and also specialize in Draconium mining which will boost Khaz’gorite Ore return which will help you upgrade it.


The Inscription profession is a great way to make money in Dragonflight. The main way you’ll be making money is by crafting – and then selling – the extremely powerful Darkmoon Decks.

What’s new for Inscription in Dragonflight are Darkmoon Deck Boxes, which are upgraded versions of Darkmoon Decks. Darkmoon Deck: Inferno is the regular version of the Deck that is Bind-on-Equip and can be sold via the Auction House. The new Darkmoon Deck Box: Inferno is a better version that allows players to access specific abilities that are available in the Crafting Order System.


Additionally, Jewelcrafting easily has the highest potential for players to make large amounts of Gold. This profession supplies others with valuable reagents like Glossy Stones and Draconic Vials.

Some jewelry has powerful effects, making them sell for high prices in the Auction House.

With the new profession specializations available, it’s best to go after a build focused on either Consumables & Reagents or Jewelry Making for making profits early in the expansion.

If you’ve learned a profession and are no longer interested in utilizing it, don’t worry, as players will eventually learn every single profession on one single character.

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