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How to get the Turkey Soul in WoW Shadowlands

Published: 23/Nov/2021 16:01

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft’s Pilgrim’s Bounty event has arrived, and this year Night Fae characters can transform into a turkey to celebrate – so here’s how to get WoW’s Turkey Soul. 

One of the perks of choosing the Night Fae Covenant in World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, is the ability to transform into a whole host of cute critters.

From the spectacular adorable Alpaca to the fearsome Surolisk Hatchling, animal lovers can finally take to the plains of Azeroth as their spirit creatures and feel the warmth of the earth beneath their paws – or in this case, talons.


To celebrate the Pilgrim’s Bounty event (WoW’s equivalent of the USA’s Thanksgiving) Night Fae players will be able to disguise themselves as a squawking turkey using the Turkey Soul, and we’ve broken down just how to get it.


wow shadowlands world of warcraft night fae turkey form for Piligrim's Bounty thanksgiving event
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Ever fancied stalking the plains of Azeroth as one of these feathered fiends? Now’s your chance.

How to get the Turkey Soul in WoW Shadowlands

In order to let your feathered spirit animal run wild, you’ll need to pick up the Turkey Soul first. This, in turn, will allow members of the Night Fae Covenant to live out their Thanksgiving fantasy in style.

To get the Turkey Soul in WoW Shadowlands:

  1. Travel to any major city.
  2. Head to the outskirts, where you’ll find the Pilgrim’s Bounty table.
  3. Sit down and eat one of all the different foods.
    • These are: Cranberries, Pie, Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, and Turkey.
  4. Continue to eat after you’ve got the five buffs. Eat one dish, then leave the chair, then another.
  5. Doing this gives you a chance of obtaining the Turkey Soul!
  6. Return to the Heart of the Forest in Ardenweald.
  7. Speak to Choofa to obtain the new form.

Importantly, you’ll have to do this before the Pilgrim’s Bounty event ends.


world of warcraft pligrim's bounty thanksgiving event
Blizzard Entertainment
In order to become a turkey, one must eat the turkey.

WoW’s Pilgrim’s Bounty 2021: Start & end dates/times

For 2021, the Pilgrim’s Bounty celebration will run from 23 November at 10AM until 30 November at 9AM.

You’ll only be able to obtain the Turkey form within these seven days, so if you’re determined to celebrate Thanksgiving in style you had better boot up WoW as soon as possible!

So that’s everything you need to know to become a turkey in World of Warcraft. Already scored WoW’s Turkey Soul? Here’s some more guides to help you conquer Azeroth in style:

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