VCT 2024 rostermania tracker: Valorant team rosters and rumors

Liu YiCun/Riot Games

The 2024 VCT rostermania season should see multiple rosters and Valorant teams shuffle around their players as the next season looms. Keep track of all the changes and the latest rumors here.

  • yay joins Bleed Esports.
  • Cloud9 reveal 2024 VCT roster with vanity returning.
  • ZETA DIVISION drops two players and the head coach.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 season has come to an end as the first year of the partnered league system is now over. Evil Geniuses have lifted the Valorant Champions 2023 trophy, and almost every team in the VCT international leagues is, or should be, looking to make changes to their current lineups to give their squad the best chance of lifting the 2024 trophy.

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The Challengers Leagues across the world showcased many rising talents waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves at the highest level. There are also star players, like Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker, Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella and Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina, angling to return to tier 1 play this offseason after some time away.

NRG ardiisLance Skundrich/Riot Games
ardiis is reportedly joining NAVI, where he will reunite with his former FPX teammates

Many Challengers League squads will be looking to pick up players for the upcoming season as they try to promote into the partner leagues in 2024. But outside of big moves made by those teams, this tracker will only cover roster moves by the 32 teams in the Americas, EMEA and Pacific leagues.

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Note: Rosters are not final and are subject to change.

VCT Americas league rosters

100 ThievesAsuna, bang, Cryocells, thwifo
Cloud9Xeppaa, jakee, vanity, OXY, wippie
Evil GeniusesC0M, Boostio, jawgemo, Ethan, Demon1, ScrewFace
FURIAmwzera, Khalil, kon4n,
KRÜKlaus, Melser, axeddy, keznit
LeviatánkiNgg, Tacolilla, Shyy, Nozwerr, Mazino, Torito
LOUDcauanzin, Saadhak
MIBRjzz, frz, RgLM, txozin
NRGcrashies, victor, ardiis
SentinelsTenZ, zekken, Sacy, paNcada, Marved, johnqt, Zellsis
G2 EsportsneT, JonahP, trent, valyn

VCT EMEA league rosters

FnaticBoaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo, Chronicle, kamyk
FUTqw1, MrFaliN, qRaxs, ATA KAPTAN
GiantsFit1nho, hoody, Cloud, rhyme, nukkye, Milan
KCorpNivera, xms, Shin
KOIkoldamenta, Sheydos, trexx, Wolfen, starxo, Goked
Hereticskeloqz, Boo, Mixwell, benjyfishy
Liquidsoulcas, Jamppi, nAts, Redgar, Harmii
VitalityceNder, Destrian, runneR, BONECOLD, Sayf
Gentle MatesbeyAz, TakaS, logaN, nataNk, Wailers, APO

VCT Pacific league rosters

DetonatioN FocusMexnfri, Anthem, takej
DRXstax, Rb, BuZz, MaKo, Zest, Foxy9
Gen.GMeteor, t3xture
Global EsportsSkRossi, Lightningfast, Benkai, Russ, blaZek1ng
Paper Rexf0rsakeN, mindfreak, d4v41, something, Monyet
RRQ2ge, Tehbotol, fl1pzjder, Lmemore, xffero, Estrella
T1xeta, Sayaplayer, Carpe, xccurate, k1Ng, iZu
Team SecretBORKUM, Jremy, JessieVash, invy
ZETA DIVISIONLaz, Dep, SugarZ3ro, barce
BleedDeryeon, crazyguy, sScary, Egoist, yay

2024 offseason tracker for Valorant league rosters

September 29:

  • Bleed Esports announce the signing of yay.
  • Cloud9 announce 2024 VCT roster consisting of jakee, Xeppa, vanity, wippie, OXY and head coach Immi.
  • Team Vitality announce the signing of Sayf.
  • Team Liquid confirm the departure of Sayf, who has been linked with Team Vitality.
  • ZETA DIVISION announce that player TENNN and head coach XQQ are transitioning to content creator roles within the organization. Meanwhile, crow is named the team’s new coach. 

September 28:

  • Global Esports are set to sign Polvi as an import player, according to
  • FUT announce it has parted ways with mojj.
  • MIBR have finalized its lineup. mazin and artzin are set to sign and jzz, frz and RgLM will return to the team for the 2024 season, according to The Enemy.

September 27:

  • NAVI have added ardiis to the team in the VCT contract database.
  • Team Vitality have added Kicks to the team in the VCT contract database.
  • FURIA have signed Liazzi, according to The Enemy.

September 26:

  • Karmine Corp are set to sign Magnum, according to
  • Vitality announce the addition of Kicks.
  • BONECOLD is re-added to Vitality’s roster on a one-year contract.
  • Gen.G announce the signing of t3xture, who last played for Global Esports.

September 25:

  • 100 Thieves announce the addition of Zikz as head coach.
  • Global Esports announce the signing of blaZek1ng, who last played for BOOM Esports.
  • Forner Heretics and Acend player MONSTEERR retires from Valorant to focus on his studies.

September 24:

September 22:

  • G2 Esports will compete in the VCT Americas league in 2024 and 2025 after acquiring the majority of the former The Guard roster.
  • Cloud9 removes runi and qpert from the VCT contract database.
  • MIBR has had tryouts with GuhRVN and havoc along with multiple other players, according to Mais Esports.
  • MIBR is in talks with nitr0, aspas and yay, according to VALORANT Zone.
  • BBL officially part ways with Turko, who had been with the organization since February.
  • LOUD want to sign The Union controller GuhRVN and switch tuyz to a duelist role, according to Globo Esporte and Brazilian insider ‘Noyn’. fRoD is also reportedly off the team.
  • NA Challengers team Oxygen Esports sign former Sentinels and G2 Esports player dapr.

September 21:

  • Team Heretics are set to sign Turkish payer RieNs, according to
  • Leviatán set to sign former KOI strategic coach goked as its head coach for next season, according to
  • Global Esports promotes assistant coach Spin to head coach.

September 20:

  • BBL announces the release of IGL SouhcNi.
  • Moist and Shopify combine Valorant rosters and sign roster of brawk, flyuh, mada, thief, v1c.
  • aspas set to sign with Leviatán, according to
  • qw1 announces he is looking for other offers while still under contract with FUT.
  • Global Esports announce the signing of former TENSTAR and Guild player Russ.
  • FNS announces his departure from NRG to focus on streaming.

September 19:

  • Team Liquid has reached an agreement with Enzo, according to
  • Saadhak issues an update after reports of him potentially re-signing with LOUD and says he’s still open to proposals with other teams while talking about renewing his contract with the org.
  • RRQ will sign SCARZ’s duelist Jemkin after EJAY’s departure, according to
  • Talon Esports moves Patiphan, JitboyS, garnetS, and Crws to their reserve in the VCT contract database.

September 18:

  • Havoc is LOUD’s preferred replacement for aspas, according to Brazilian leaker Noyn.
  • Loud and Saadhak have come to an agreement and the IGL should re-sign with the organization, according to The Enemy.
  • KRÜ is close to signing Chilian up-and-comer mta from Furious Gaming, according to Spanish content creator Lembo.
  • RRQ release EJAY.

September 17:

September 16:

September 15:

  • Cloud9 bid farewell to Zellsis, runi, qpert, mCe and leaf, confirming leaf’s departure from the team.
  • NAVI removes coach LATEKS from VCT contract database.
  • Global Esports CEO says there will be Indian players in their new lineup.
  • Global Esports say goodbye to Monyet on social media, confirming his exit from the team.
  • FURIA are joining the race for Brazilian superstar aspas, according to Brazilian insider Noyn.

September 14:

  • M80 are reportedly signing nitr0, who recently retired from CS:GO.
  • Sentinels announces the signing of Zellsis as a substitute for the 2024 season.

September 13:

  • NRG bids farewell to s0m.
  • FURIA reportedly interested in signing 16-year-old Sato, according to The Enemy. He will be eligible to play in 2025 when he turns 18.
  • Leviatán removes onur and Torito from VCT contract database.
  • Sentinels confirm the signing of johnqt.
  • Cloud9 removes leaf and Zellsis from VCT contract database.
  • soulcas announces he is a restricted free agent and that his time with Team Liquid has ended.
  • Fnatic assistant coach slk announces that he has been given permission to explore his options.
  • Global Esports confirms the departure of South Korean player t3xture.
  • RRQ signs Estrella for the 2024 VCT season

September 12:

  • MIBR removes heat and murizzz from the VCT contract database.
  • NRG removes ardiis from the VCT contract database.
  • Karmine Corp have reportedly reached a verbal agreement to sign former GMT Esports player Marteen, according to
  • DRX renews contracts for stax, Zest, Rb and MaKo through 2026.
  • 100 Thieves confirms Derrek’s exit from the team.
  • 100 Thieves confirms stellar’s exit from the team.
  • Rex Regum Qeon says they have signed a player from Korea in a meet-and-greet session, as reported by VALO2ASIA.
  • Dimasick announces his free agency.
  • Leviatán reportedly offered a contract to aspas, according to Spanish content creator Lembo.
  • Global Esports’ t3xture is removed from the contract database.
  • Bazzi announces Global Esports allowed him to seek opportunities.
  • T1 signs xccurate, k1Ng, and iZu for the 2024 season.

September 11:

  • LOUD removes Saadhak, Tuyz and Less from the VCT contract database
  • NRG removes s0m and ethos from the VCT contract database
  • Sentinels removed Marved from the VCT contract database and extended TenZ’s contract to 2024
  • 100 Thieves removes Derrek and Stellar from the VCT contract database
  • Evil Geniuses reportedly allows the starting roster to explore options or stay on the team with pay cuts.
  • Tacolilla announces his contract with Leviatán is ending and he is allowed to explore options with other teams.
  • Cloud9 reportedly signing vanity and OXY, according to
  • M80 thank johnqt for his time with the team, confirming his exit from the organization.
  • Vitality reportedly signing Estonian player Kicks, according to
  • ZE1SH is reportedly set to re-sign with Karmine Corp. for next season, according to LEC Wooloo.
  • aspas announces his contract with LOUD has ended and his status as a free agent.
  • Sentinels reportedly signing johnqt as their IGL for the 2024 season, according to a report from
  • Vitality part ways with benched player MOLSI.
  • mini confirms that he has stepped down from his Fnatic head coach role in search of a better work-life balance. He says that the roles he is mostly interested in are assistant coach and general manager.
  • T1 player ban is removed from the VCT contract database.
  • Team Liquid add Harmii to the active roster. He was previously registered as an emergency substitute.
  • Giants remove analyst Milan from the VCT contract database.
  • Team Secret remove lenne and DubsteP from the VCT contract database. Both players had been given permission to explore their options.
  • Team Liquid remove dimasick from the VCT contract database.
  • ZE1SH and head coach pm have been removed from Karmine Corp’s team in the VCT contract database.
  • mojj and Muj are no longer registered to FUT Esports in the VCT contract database.
  • BBL’s players AsLanMshadW, QutionerX, aimDLL, Turko, and SouhcNi, as well as head coach Epic, have been removed from the contract database.
  • Fnatic head coach mini has been removed from the VCT contract database.
  • cgrs removed from Paper Rex‘s lineup in the VCT contract database.
  • Talon Esports head coach Zeus removed from VCT contract database.
  • Talon Esports decides to part ways with foxz and sushiboys.
  • RRQ’s Emman was removed from the lineup in the VCT contract database with confirmation from the org.
  • Munchkin and iNTRO have been removed from T1 in the VCT contract database
  • Seoldam, Suggest, Reita, and head coach Melofovia have been removed from Detonation FocusMe in the VCT contract database.
  • Ayrin announces his contract with Global Esports has ended

September 10:

  • tex announces that he is no longer part of The Guard’s roster, which has been linked with G2 Esports in recent days.
  • Cloud9’s overhaul continues as the North American organization has given in-game leader runi permission to explore his options.
  • Cloud9 have decided to part ways with head coach mCe, who has been with the organization since October 2022.
  • Team Heretics are close to signing Turkish youngster Wo0t, who plays for Fire Flux Esports, reports.
  • Paper Rex have reached an agreement to sign Monyet from Global Esports, according to Blix,gg, which also reports that GE will sign BlaZek1ng from BOOM Esports.

September 9:

September 8:

  • Sentinels drop a major hint that TenZ is staying with the team for the 2024 season.
  • ardiis is reportedly returning to Europe for the 2024 VCT season, according to He will join his former teammates from FunPlus Phoenix, who now play under NAVI.
  • Evil Geniuses coach Zikz announces he has parted ways with the team.
  • G2 Esports reportedly entered into verbal agreements to sign some of The Guard’s former players and will take over the VCT Americas slot, according to
  • Team Liquid’s Sayf rejects the rumors linking him with KOI. “I will clarify this: I have nothing to do with KOI,” he said on his stream.
  • Gen.G parts ways with players k1Ng, TS, eKo, Sylvan, and GodDead, as well as with coaches Elmapuddy and bail. This leaves Meteor as the only player who is staying from the 2023 lineup.

September 6:

  • Evil Geniuses announces that the majority of its reserve roster and staff including Reformed, Apoth, Icy, BcJ and coach zeck are available to sign with other teams with no buyouts. Screwface is still on the EG roster as they “continue to explore options together.”
  • Giants Gaming announces the departure of IGL Rhyme as the player has decided to focus on school instead of competition.

September 5:

  • Ex-Cloud9 player Zellsis announces he is now an unrestricted free agent.
  • FURIA are close to hiring Koy as their new head coach, according to The Enemy. The Brazilian coach is currently working for Vivo Keyd Stars.
  • Team Secret player lenne reveals that he has been given permission to explore his options as a restricted free agent.
  • MIBR confirms murizzz’s exit from the team.
  • Popular content creator xQc reveals that he is considering acquiring the former The Guard squad, which holds a spot in the VCT Americas league.
  • Danish player AvovA says that Heretics have allowed him to explore his options in the off-season.
  • Team Secret player DubsteP reveals that he has been given permission to explore his options as a restricted free agent.

September 4:

  • Brazilian duelist heat announces that he is no longer under contract with MIBR.
  • Team Heretics have reached a verbal agreement with MiniBoo, reports. The Lithuanian, who last played for Case Esports, is the brother of Heretics player Boo.
  • Team Secret are set to part ways with head coach Warbirds, according to reporter Seulgi.
  • T1 are close to signing Australian player tixx, formerly of Gods Reign, The Spike reports.
  • KRÜ Esports announces that Daveeys passed away on Sunday due to a medical issue. He was 23.
  • LOUD captain Saadhak confirms that he has held talks with NRG coach Chet Singh, but insists that nothing is set in stone.

September 3:

August 31:

  • NagZ reveals on Twitter that KRÜ Esports have given him permission to explore his options. The Chilean player has been with KRÜ since January 2021.
  • Karmine Corp has reached a verbal agreement with former Gambit coach Engh to take charge of the team, reports. He last worked with TSM as an assistant coach.
  • Vitality announce that MOLSI has been moved to the bench and can explore his options for the new season.
  • Paper Rex announce that they are open to offers for Benkai, who has been on the bench since June. On X/Twitter, the player said that he’s “ready to relocate”.

August 30:

  • MIBR are interested in signing the former FURIA duo of qck and mazin, according to a report by The Enemy.
  • FURIA confirms the departure of mazin.
  • MIBR player Murizz announces that he has been moved to the bench and is looking for other opportunities. According to The Enemy, the team will be built around RgLM and coach bzkA.
  • NIP announce the roster that will be representing the organization in VCT China. It consists of Spring, YRSelect, Eren, JayH, and Bryce, with Fayde as the head coach.
  • Paper Rex allows Benkai to look for offers

August 29:

  • qck and FURIA have parted ways, the Brazilian organization has announced.
  • ScreaM confirms he is out of Karmine Corp. as the team is “shut down” and will be exploring his options for the 2024 season.
  • Both FURIA and MIBR are interested in signing Union player raafa, according to The Enemy.
  • The Guard will not be joining VCT Americas for the 2024 season. The team is releasing its players and coach so they can sign to a new team without a buyout, according to a report by
  • Team Vitality has reached an agreement with Macedonian player runneR for 2024 season, according to
  • Team Heretics are parting ways with AvovA and Keloqz and switching Boo’s role, while Mixwell’s future is uncertain as he is considering whether he wants to continue competing, according to a report by
  • Bleed officially parted ways with juicy and Nephh.

August 28:

  • FURIA Esports part ways with Duelist dgzinNn.
  • KRÜ Esports substitute axeddy has announced that the organization has allowed him to look for other offers while still under contract.

August 27:

  • Bleed talent juicy confirms that he will not be able to play in the Pacific league next year because of the VCT age restriction. He adds that he will complete his military service in 2024.

August 26:

  • Karmine Corp is looking to restructure its Valorant roster with both ScreaM and Nivera potentially hitting the free-agent market, according to a report by

August 25:

August 24:

  • Turkish player Muj announces that he is on his way out of FUT Esports and is open to offers.

August 23:

  • Cloud9 backup player qpert has been given permission to explore his options ahead of the 2024 season, he has announced.
  • FURIA part ways with head coach Carlão, who had been with the organization since January 2021.
  • NRG are likely to overhaul their roster in the off-season, according to a report by, with crashies and Victor the only players whose spots are not under threat.

August 22:

  • MIBR are interested in signing xand (00 Nation), silentzz (formerly of RED Canids), and havoc (The Union) for the 2024 season, according to a report from Valorant Zone.
  • Paper Rex will be without Jinggg for the 2024 VCT season as he will have to complete his military service, the team’s head coach has confirmed.

August 16:

August 10:

  • Disguised Toast announces he is thinking of starting a Valorant team again and is looking for a head coach.

August 9:

  • DRX substitute BeYN has announced that he is a restricted free agent and looking for other opportunities.
  • Gentle Mates substitute APO has announced that he is exploring options for 2024 while also still in talks to re-sign with the French team.

August 7:

  • Team Liquid’s Jamppi has signed a new contract with the organization until 2026, according to the VCT Global Contract Database.
  • RRQ have announced that they have parted ways with coach Yb.

August 4:

August 3:

  • The Guard’s Valyn and neT will reportedly enter free agency in October, but the team is keen on re-signing them, according to George Geddes.
  • MIBR are interested in signing The Union player havoc, KRÜ Esports has also inquired about the player, according to The Enemy.

August 2:

August 1:

  • Global Esports is in talks to sign former BLEED Esports player JayH, according to THESPIKE.

July 31:

  • Global Esports have announced the release of its head coach Eraser.
  • 100 Thieves announce they have parted ways with General Manager Ddk.

July 30:

  • ZE1SH has announced that Karmine Corp has allowed him to explore offers for 2024.

July 28:

July 27:

July 26:

July 25:

July 24:

  • FaZe Clan releases its entire Valorant roster.

July 22:

  • Karmine Corp star ScreaM says that he will reflect on his options after his team was eliminated from the VCT EMEA LCQ. The Belgian star also notes that a game is coming out “soon”, in a clear reference to Counter-Strike 2.

July 16:

  • Team Vitality moves BONECOLD to the bench.

July 15:

  • Global Esports announce that WRONSKI has stepped down from the team and retired from pro competition.

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