Cloud9 Valorant brings back Runi to IGL after failed VCT run

Daniel Appleford
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Cloud9 has restructured its Valorant team by bringing back Runi as the IGL and adding veteran player Moose to the main roster. 

Following their disappointing performance at the VCT Kickoff, Cloud9 opted for a change after falling short of playoffs and securing only a 1-2 record in the group stage.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Kickoff, Cloud9 made the decision to release jakee and wippie from their main roster. With two vacant spots on the team, the organization turned towards what worked for them in the past to find replacements.

Runi served as the IGL for Cloud9 during 2023. However, he was dropped from the team during the off-season and subsequently joined OREsports.

To fill the final spot, Cloud9 chose to look towards Valorant veteran Moose, who was previously playing for YFP. The two parties joined forces with the shared aspiration of revitalizing Cloud9 and returning the team to its peak form.

The newly formed roster, featuring Runi and Moose, is set to compete against Leviathan on April 4, marking the opening of the official VCT Americas season for Cloud9. This event will be the leadup to Masters Shanghai. 

While Runi returning to the Cloud9 team was an expected but exciting turn, fans were more excited about Moose’s arrival.

“Excited to play at this level and show what we can do.” said Moose.

The introduction of the new roster was met with positive reception from fans. However, the extent of its impact on Cloud9’s performance remains uncertain.

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