Valorant devs rush to disable Split in light of game-breaking bug

Liam Ho
Valorant's Split Map

Valorant developers Riot Games have rushed to disable the map Split across several game modes thanks to a game-breaking bug.

The Valorant developers have announced that they’ve disabled Split due to an exploit occurring on the map. The bug allowed players to boost up onto a ledge on A site that was previously not allowed. As such the devs have been forced to disable the map across Swiftplay, Competitive, Unrated, Spike Rush, and Premier.

The devs have mentioned that a fix will be coming for this in the upcoming Patch 8.08, but until that time Split will only be available in Deathmatch and Escalation.

This bug also comes alongside an issue with Cypher, whose Trapwires were still shown on the minimap of teammates even after he died. However, this bug was not deemed bad enough for the developers to disable him outright like they have Split.

Split was also supposed to be the map played for this week’s Premier, so the devs have swapped it out with Ascent. Alongside this, they’ve also removed Split from the map pick and ban process for the Premier Playoffs on Sunday.

This means players will not have access to Split until Patch 8.08 rolls around, though currently there’s no set ETA on when this update will arrive.

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